Monday, August 30, 2021

Review: All The Madewell Pants!

Hey friends, Marianne here, trying on all of the pants at Madewell. Okay maybe not ALL of them, but after our fall wanty post I decided to just do the thing—just order 4 pairs of pants and see if I can find the elusive non-denim, non-skinny fall pant. Spoiler alert: I was successful! Giddy up.

The ones that are for someone, just not for me:

The Drapey Track Trousers. I am not sure why these are called “track" trousers? Is it the elastic waist? Anyway, the good: I like the color and the fabric. But this cut just isn’t for me, I think it would be cuter on someone shorter. They are too short and kind of boxy on me. Pass.

The ones I am pretty sure I’ll love when I get the right size:

The Griff Tapered Fatigue pants. These are SO GOOD. At least I think they will be. In spite of reviews saying to size (way) down, I ordered my usual jeans size in these and they are huge. But they are so great: the fabric is super soft but thick enough to be flattering, they have the perfect taper, perfect shade of fatigue green, and they have button tabs at the waist so you can adjust them if they stretch a little. I can’t wait to get these in the right size and wear them to death.

The ones that I’m torn on:

The Slim Emmett Tapered pants. Every time I try these on I change my mind. Do I like them? Are they flattering? Are they going to stretch out (these are my regular size, I tried a size down and they were TIGHT). Right now I’m leaning towards returning but possibly reordering if they go on sale. Only problem is, they are already starting to sell out in some sizes. I feel like these are the pants a ton of women are going to be wearing this fall. Should I be one of them???

The dark horse winner:

The Dunaway Paperbag pants! Who freaking knew? These give me all the vintage vibes I love but can’t usually pull off. This isn’t really the right shirt for these pants, but I wanted to be consistent. These are so soft and lightweight, have a great drape, and I love the color. I just have to figure out the best top to wear with them, but these went straight into my closet.

So what do you guys think? The Paperbag pants and (fingers crossed) Griff fatigue pants are obvious winners, but I keep coming back to those Emmett pants. They keep selling out in my size, am I going to regret returning them? Should I wear them around my house a bit before deciding? Has anyone else tried them and if so, did they stretch out on you? Help!

PS. My clogs are Sangren and my blouse is Vince, but isn't available anymore. This one has a similar pattern and this one is Vince perfection. 


  1. So, will they be warm enough for fall and winter? Or just part of fall and maybe spring? I think they are All cute, but I have such a hard time judging fabric online.

    1. Hi Meg! I live in Tennessee and we have winter but it's not super cold, plus I don't have to walk for a commute or whatever. The paperbag pants and the track pants are pretty lightweight, the green pants are a mid weight, and the Emmett pants are the heaviest, as heavy as Carhartt pants if you have seen those.

  2. I think the Emmett pants, like the first ones, also look kind of boxy. But I do like the other color, that gray-ish pink!

  3. I definitely think the last ones are the cutest and most flattering and unique. The Emmett pants (and the fatigues, actually), look like they could be from anywhere. They are all good fall colors!

  4. I tried on the fatigue ones this weekend and really liked them too, though I think I need to go down two sizes from my regular size. They didn't have them in store, so I'm hoping they will go on sale for labor day and I can order them online.

    1. MEEEE TOOO. Just as a PS. Marianne ended up going down two sizes in these.

  5. I actually like the first ones on Marianne! More than the third pair.


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