Wednesday, August 25, 2021

We Discuss: Fall Wanty.

A: I can't stop thinking about that Hammitt bag AND I want a Clare V snakeskin bag. Why am I like this?

M: You are just Fall Wanty

M: I think the only bag I’m keeping an eye out for this fall is the Grande Fanny either in the perforated black or caramel color:

A: I love that. Grande fanny! 

M: I am making my fall shopping list though! I want some straight or wide leg pants (my white whale tbh, they never look right on me), a Veronica Beard dickey blazer, and probably a new wool winter coat. I haven’t bought a new dressier coat in years, just puffers haha. I also want some buttery soft loafers (I mean the dream is Gucci but yeah)

M: Also, two of my friends are currently obsessed with this shirt (with bike shorts and Birks of course) so I have my eye out for a sale or code:

A: That is SO GOOD

M: I know, it's like perfect

A: I rarely ever do button up shirts but that one looks soft and comfortable

M: The cut is just right too. Like where the buttons hit are just right and the butt covering in the back.

A: Perfection

M: Not exactly wide leg but I want to try these:

A: Well thanks a lot, now I want both those too

M: Haha

A: I mostly just want All The Bags right now

A: Wait, I also want this necklace set but it needs to be on sale:

A: It’s not even expensive, just the principle of the thing

M: Haha

A: I saw it in store and it’s really pretty with the freshwater pearl


M: Me: Definitely not shopping any more for a while.

M: Also me: 👀

A: Back Away

M: I am going to need some new furry Birks probably but it’s AUGUST MARIANNE

A: Same BUT IT IS AUGUST (though it was 45 degrees here yesterday morning. WTF, PNW.)

M: Anyway! Right now I'm focused on non-denim pants. I have my eye on these, though they are Advanced:

A: Those are so cute but involve a full tuck, for sure

M: I can do a full tuck IF I have a cute jacket or cardigan

A: Right, yes

M: These are what I would wear in a heartbeat if I were built differently:

A: Dreamy retro pants

M: I also like these possibly:

A: That elastic waistband tho

M: The kids love an elastic waist it seems

A: Oh, kids today

M: These would definitely make me cry but I like them anyway:

A: I love those in theory

M: These had potential until I saw that yoke detail that looks like a c-section scar:

A: Ha! No thank you.

M: No yoke version:

A: MUCH better

M: Ooh you know what this should be my fall experiment like the denim shirt!

A: Yessssss

M: So that’s the fatigue pants, the track trousers, the slim Emmett, and the paperboy pants.


M: Everything will be here on or before August 24th! Damn I hope I like at least one pair (but damn I hope I don’t like all of them)

A: Its Madewell - half of them will fit REAL weird

M: Maybe even ALL of them

(Stay tuned!) 


  1. Wide legged pants are my white whale, too. Supposedly they are flattering for hippy folks like me, but every time I try them on I hate them with the heat of a thousand suns. They always make me look gargantuan.

  2. I was wondering how the yoke of pants could look like a c-section scar, then I scrolled down and nearly spit out my drink! So spot on!!
    Is there a link for that button down shirt? Looks like the current link is just for the picture. I'm curious about it...

  3. Be warned those MW fatigue pants run huge! Not a good look on me, hope you have better luck. Feel like Madewell should be able nail that design. Also Loft has a fantastic version of the paper bag pants in olive that feel like silky sweatpants!

  4. I am currently obsessed with the idea of finding some sort of, "Dressy sweatpant," type thing that I could wear to work. I almost went with some from Athleta but I decided the fabric was too thin (I am also in the NW). Anyway, I shall follow this quest closely! I really do like the elastic waistband ones, but also, they look quite a lot like the slacks my grandma wore. Is that bad?

    1. I think Athleta is the way to go - they usually come out with lined joggers in the fall!

  5. Totally late to this party/post, but that J Crew shirt is pretty amazing. I bought it during a sale this spring in white, and I absolutely love it. It's the coziest damn thing. Definitely not the usual, starchy button down.


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