Monday, August 9, 2021

Monday Mood: Cheap and Cheerful Purchases.

 I've got a ton to post later this week but I'm still busy as hell so I thought I'd start with a short post about a couple of very satisfying (and cheap!) purchases I made recently.

Last weekend I went to Sephora with my friend Kate who's in town visiting (yay!) as I desperately need to replace most of my gross old makeup. I was especially interested in getting a couple of new pencil eyeliners because Urban Decay discontinued a couple of my favorites. I wanted interesting colors that weren't too dark or matte. I was surprised when the sales assistant suggested this Sephora line. I got two colors:

Flirting Game which is a purple-taupe and:

Cocoa which is a lovely brownish purple. They're shimmery, waterproof, glide on like a dream, and the colors are really pretty. PLUS, the best part: they are $11 each. I mean. That is half the price of UD. I also bought one of the Sephora shadow & liner colors in taupe as an all over shimmer color. It's very nice as well and does not budge once it's set. 

The other thing I bought is a pair of Target high-waisted liquid leggings:

WAIT COME BACK. I swear, I promise these are good. They aren't, like, Spanx faux leather quality good but for $18 they will definitely fill your leather leggings needs (assuming you have them.) Marianne found me the cutest tunic-length Mara Hoffman dress at a thrift store in Austin that were  begging for leather leggings and booties. Just begging. I am not really ready to invest in Spanx (or some other quality brand) of faux leather leggings just yet but for $18 (!) these Wild Fable leggings are surprisingly good. Look:

I tried them on in a medium and a large and the medium is what I bought - I love that they hit slightly above my ankle and they don't bag out at the knee. They won't obviously hold you in like Spanx will but for $18 I am really pleased. I'll post an outfit soon! 


  1. The thing I don't like about the Spanx leather leggings is that they are SO shiny! I like them looking a bit less like pleather and more like a soft sheen. The less $$ ones seem to do that for me.

  2. It's been 90 degrees every day here so I can't even think about leggings, but they look great on you! I'll bookmark them for October.

  3. Fall is just around the corner~ you look great! Can't wait to see the outfit


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