Monday, August 16, 2021

Monday Mood: Evereve Shopping Report.

Because I'm an excellent host and enabler, I dragged my friend Kate to Evereve because I will basically use any excuse to get myself in that danger zone of a store. I managed to not buy anything but I do have a pretty long wishlist for fall and most of it is pretty blouses because they have SO MANY. Here's the list:

I loved this top so much (I mean, leopard print) but the colorway wasn't great on me.

I didn't dare try this on because it's basically perfect and I DO NOT NEED IT.

I did try this on and it's so cute! Even better IRL and great with jeans.

Specifically these jeans which were so flattering. I resisted this time but we'll see.

Okay, this cardigan is so cool and the pics aren't doing it justice at all. Kate bought it! 

I love a paperclip chain necklace and this one is an easy way to layer without tangles.

I probably would've bought this but they didn't have my size in-store which is FINE.

I did try this on and it was really cute but not...quite my style. 

I love my black Think Royln bag but I REALLY love this bronze/gold version.

This tank didn't look very interesting until Kate put it on. It's got a beautiful swing shape!

Okay, I already own this but I wanted to let you know it's on sale now. Soft and cute. Get it! 

How many tiger tees are too many? Asking for me. 


  1. I could actually make a case for needing that necklace. With a compass charm added.

  2. I mean, that's like a combination tiger-Bowie tee, soooo... it's not really like anything else you have bc it is a combo of the other things you have. So in summary, you should get it :)


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