Tuesday, December 10, 2019

I'm Back! My Packing Report: Ireland.

Hi hi hi! Marianne asked me if I was going to do a packing recap of Ireland and I honestly wasn't thinking about it but hey why not? Ireland in November seems like it could be tricky when, quite honestly, wasn't that much different from Virginia in November. Let's get this started.

Our trip was mainly Dublin with a few day tours into the country thrown in. I needed to have comfortable boots that could also handle some countryside mud and rain but I also wanted a nicer city option and an airport shoe option. I brought:

Dr. Marten Zip Chelsea Boot
- Cole Haan Chelsea Boot (newer version)
York Athletic sneakers

Boot take up a LOT of suitcase real estate but I am really glad I brought both pairs. After a day of tromping up and down muddy hills I was very happy to have some clean, dry boots to change into for pub-going. My sneakers I only wore on the airplane/in the airports because I hate having wet feet and boots were 100% the best option for walking around in damp and rainy weather. I kept things pretty simple for clothing. Here's what I brought:

- Three warm sweaters (mainly Everlane)
- Three pairs of jeans (all Madewell)
- One nice top
- long sleeve layers to wear under sweaters
- Warm socks
- pajamas, underwear, etc.

For outerwear I brought my Helly Hansen Boyne Parka which was perfect (and aptly named, since we visited the Boyne Valley!) I also brought my packable Uniqlo puffer jacket which, because it doesn't have a hood, only got worn once. It doesn't take up much room though, so I don't regret bringing it. I brought two scarves, and a hat and gloves.

For bags, I brought my J.Crew signet bag (current version) and my Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo (current version). I ended up using my MJ hobo the entire time because I hate not having a place to stash my scarf when I get too hot. Also, dudes always be wanting to put their crap in your bag.

I did quite a bit of Christmas shopping in Dublin so I brought along a packable tote and definitely needed it for the trip back. I carried my Lo & Sons backpack for the flight and it's really just the best. (That doesn't mean I don't want the new version because I absolutely do!)

My Ireland Trip MVPs:

Obviously my HH Boyne Parka, which I bought with this trip in mind. It's lightly insulated, completely waterproof and has nice big front pockets for your phone and nice warm side pockets for your hands. It was a perfect coat for chilly (but not freezing), wet weather.

My Docs! I really put them through their paces - wet, steep, muddy climbs to go see neolithic tombs? No problem. My feet stayed dry, they're comfortable and they look cool too. I did buy some warm insoles for them which I wish I'd remembered to actually put in but on the whole these boots did great. (I will also say that some of the people on our tour did not read the email and wore really stupid shoes. Somewhere  in Germany there's a guy who's dress shoes will never be the same.)

Bombas wool socks are so legit. I have the quarter length and the calf length and both were great with my boots and kept my feet warm without being too bulky.

Uniqlo HEATTECH under layers. I bought two of these and they are the perfect layers to wear under sweaters. They are basically invisible and are inexpensive! They also seem like they'd be easy to handwash and they dry fast, so good for travel. Plus, they're cheap! I'll probably buy a few more the next time they're on sale.

What I packed didn't use:

- Dressy top
- J.Crew crossbody bag
- Hat and gloves
- A bunch of jewelry

The dressy top just wasn't warm enough since we mostly walked everywhere, so I didn't wear it for our nice dinner out. I basically wore the same jewelry daily, so bringing a selection was dumb. My crossbody bag was too small for winter travel and the hat and gloves were basically forgotten. I do wish I'd remembered to bring them on our second day tour but is wasn't super cold, so it was okay.

What I wish I had brought:

- More wool socks (note to self - buy more wool socks)
- A travel humidifier for the hotel room (Marianne loves hers!)
- Some manner of sleeping pill (I never sleep well for the first day or two of an overseas trip)

Overall, we had a great trip! Ireland is beautiful and has a really rich history. Dublin is really walkable and friendly and we had a great time! If you want more actual vacation pics, I have pinned my Ireland trip stories on IG. 


  1. I'm a huge fan of melatonin for plane sleeping (to jump-start you on the new time zone) and the first night or two. Doesn't totally zonk you but helps to stay asleep.

  2. Does the front tag on your Docs rub? I love them but I think that tag would drive me bonkers. The Uniqlo underlayers are going in my cart now tho. Looks like a great trip!

    1. Nope, not at all. The only issue I've had with those boots is that sometimes the zippers start to creep down.