Thursday, December 12, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Leopard Out.

When I dug out my winter clothes I was happy some things I'd forgotten about. Things like this sweater:

How could I have forgotten about my leopard sweater? I KNOW. It's the J.Crew Tippi sweater and they always do such good leopard print. The current version is so freaking cute and I also love this bolder print. I've also recently gotten it into my head that I can't live much longer without a leopard print coat. I'm thinking something fairly tailored, like this one at Boden or damn, this one at Banana Republic looks good. 

My jeans are Madewell 9" skinny jeans in lunar wash and I have been wearing them a ton lately. (Def size down in these!) I wear them more like black pants than jeans because I'm unprofessional. I know ankle boots are still having a moment but I have these amazing Loeffler Randall boots that I really love and I decided to put them back in rotation and was pleased that my skinny jeans fit right in 'em. More on the boots in a minute. Details: 

I'm wearing my old J.Crew locket pendant which I've had forever. It's hard to find something truly similar, but this one has the same vibe and this one is smaller but very pretty

My bag is obviously my Miu Miu bag that I'm still carrying a lot. This Cole Haan bag is a dead ringer and is on clearance! So, my boots. Some might say they're dated but y'all, these are nice-ass boots and I am GOING to wear my nice-ass boots. They're the Matilde style which you can still find secondhand (but don't buy them on Amazon.) I'd say these J.Crew riding boots or this pair from Madewell or this pair by Frye would do nicely as an update. 

It's cold and everything is terrible so I also wore my giant French Connection puffer coat that is super cozy even if the belt is stupid. I'm also wearing my BR camo scarf from last year, though this year's version is pretty similar! I mean, camo and leopard print, what could go wrong? 

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