Monday, December 2, 2019

BUY THIS (Because I Can't): Cyber Monday Deals I Like.

I am back from vacation and I got a nasty cold literally the minute I got off the plane (ugh) so now I'm home sick feeling sorry for myself and also trying not to buy things because I did quite a bit of shopping in Ireland (mostly for other people. Mostly.) Anyway, there are some really good deals today and here's what I'd buy if I was shopping:

Madewell - 30% off, plus an extra 10% off with code YAYINTERNET

This is a pretty generous discount for Madewell and if you've been wavering on a pair of jeans, now is the time. I really love the tencel jeans but I have two pairs in the mid-rise skinny so I'd probably try a different style, like this Stovepipe pair:

I'll also admit I keep looking at the Regan Boot in Leopard Calf Hair because it seems crazy that I don't have leopard print boots:

PS. I also still love the Abroad Shoulder Bag but I feel like I've talked about it too many times.

J.Crew - 50% off your purchase with code MONDAY

I'll be honest, there's nothing much going on at J.Crew right now that I can't live without but I am also sick and lethargic, so give me a day or two and that could change. I will say I think this Devon camera bag with leopard calf hair is REALLY REALLY cute:

Ooh, J.Crew also has some "price as marked" Cyber Monday deals and this one is GOOD:

I bought this velour-lined hoodie last year and it's my #1 around-the-house hoodie. It's super warm and cozy and still looks good despite the abuse it takes. I am literally wearing it right this second! I should probably get a backup but I am not supposed to be buying stuff. Boo. UNFAIR. 

Athleta - 20% off your order with code BEMOVED

Athleta is a favorite of mine and this discount isn't amazing, but they don't do discounts very often. I don't need a thing but I will tell you that I love their leggings and these are great: 

The Salutation Stash Pocket Tight are also good! Both styles fit like a dream, have the nice side pockets and are not see-though ever. I am also a fan of the Triumph Hoodie:

...and it's longer cousin is also fantastic. They're stupidly expensive but really well made, flattering and comfortable. 

I could go on like this all day but I'm starting to bum myself out so I will leave you with this final deal:

I linked this Cole Haan asymmetrical puffer a few weeks ago and my friend Paula bought it and says it's absolutely great. I originally linked it from Nordstrom but I found it for a much better price at Macy's so if you're looking for a really cute, warm puffer, Check it out:

It comes in five colors! I love the olive green, obviously, but would get the merlot because it's unusual and really pretty. 

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