Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Gift Guide For: Your Best Girlfriend.

Apparently y'all like gift guides, so I will endeavor to do a few of them. My rules are the same as always - I will never post a gift I wouldn't want to give and I won't suggest anything over $100 because this is real life and who even is giving designer bags as gifts? Nobody, that's who. 

This particular gift guide is about gifts for your best girlfriends and/or the lady in your life. Spoiler alert: if you ARE one of my besties* and you keep reading this, don't be mad if you spoil your own gift. Let's get going:

If your girlfriends are as obsessed with Fleabag as we are, please consider Fleabag: The Scriptures. I includes the complete filming scripts of the first and second seasons, annotated with stage directions and exclusive commentary on Phoebe Waller-Bridge's creative process and the making of the series. I have, just FYI, added this to my own wishlist as well. 

I bought myself this lipgloss while on vacation and y'all, I forgot how much I love MAC lipglass! Yes, it's fucking sticky but that's what keeps it on your lips. Why is that a bad thing? Anyway, this is limited edition holiday color and the cap is all glitter-pretty and the color I got (Star Memoir) is gorgeous and festive without being too over the top. It's good and would make a fun gift.

L'Occitane always does really nice holiday gift sets and I've never given these products to anyone who seemed to not like it. But, little sets aside, I will tell you that all you need is the Almond Shower Oil. It is SO SO SO NICE. It smells nice, it moisturizes in the shower and it won't try to kill you by coating your tub with oil. It's expensive, but that's why it's a nice gift - ain't nobody regularly going to drop $25-$42 on shower oil. If you throw one of these in with it? You will change lives. 

Almost all of my favorite scarves were gifts and if you find something really good, it's a great gift. My secret - check the men's section for the awesome bargains. The Missoni scarf above is technically a men's scarf but whooooo cares. It's $49 at TJ Maxx and it's beautiful. I'm also partial to cashmere and think this beautiful plaid scarf is quite a good deal but oooh, I do love Everlane cashmere and they have a beautiful scarf that comes in a bunch of colors. 

And here's another idea: buy from independent artists! Kate and I went to see our friend Tasha McKelvey who was selling her amazing pottery at a local show last weekend and there was so much amazing local vendors there! Tasha's handmade ornaments, tiny bowls and jewelry are long-time favorites. Most of the work she has online is customizable, which makes for a really lovely gift.  We also discovered:

Square of the Bone jewelry. She makes beautiful, intricate pieces that are a little left-of-center which is exactly the kind of thing I love. Beautiful but not too precious. There were a ton of great gifts at this show and the best part - you're directly supporting an artist and will be giving your friend a gift they can't find anywhere else. 

*"Best friend isn't a person. It's a tier." -Mindy Kaling

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