Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Gift Guide for: Procrastinators.

Are you a procrastinator? I DEFINITELY AM So today's gift guide is for you and it's just going to be Anthro today because they have (up to) 50% off gifts, free shipping at $50+ and are claiming delivery by 12/24 for the next three days. Anthropologie clothes don't always work for me but I LOVE the gifty stuff. Here are my suggestions:

Agate coasters are the kind of thing you don't buy for yourself, but would be delighted to own.

Heh. How can you not love this little cutie? 

Aw crap, my favorite mug now comes in a very goth black version that I like A LOT. Shove it full of tiny cookies and some fancy tea bags and it's a gift! 

I love a fancy candle and these are so pretty! Pair it with these adorable matches I found at Target 
and you're good to go.

This is quite the elegant little charging station that I kind of want for myself. 
FOCUS THIS IS NOT FOR YOU (but it could beeeee)

I pack my lunch every day and would LOVE a clever packable cutlery set to throw in my lunch box...

Which brings me to this, which is not on sale but oh my god, I've seen this lunch bag in person 
and really love it.

Pretty earrings and you don't have to wrap a thing. Done and done. 

I was given one of these little emergency kits a few years ago and it definitely came in handy!

I believe I was singing the praises of a good hair turban recently...

This oil diffuser looks like a fancy little lamp or something. So pretty!

I am a fan of the Rifle prints and this travel wallet is so GOOD.

This little palette is a great starter set for RMS products.

And if you're really stuck, everyone likes bougie hand cream, right?

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  1. Thanks for those black mugs, I was looking for gifts for male colleagues and these are great! I can vouch for the travel wallet - I just took mine overseas and it was perfect. Lightweight, reasonably secure, and held my passport, boarding passes, tour tickets, cash, etc. perfectly. I actually bought the Penny version which I like a little better than the Rifle one because it is so basic (open, and shut).