Monday, December 16, 2019

We Discuss: Holiday Stress Shopping.

A: I just bought two plain long sleeve tees from Everlane because they kept reminding me that the $20 credit was about to expire.

A: I literally couldn’t find anything else I wanted! Even the sweatpants are boxy.

A: This is what I do instead of figuring out gifts

M: Basically I feel like there is NO TIME left and I just want to bake cookies and watch movies and wrap presents

A: I have SO MUCH to do. I’m way far behind.

M: I get frantic if I think about it too much

A: I just stress-ordered some Uniqlo fleece-lined sweatpants for myself

M: Ha!

M: I want a full report

M: I just ordered a bunch of crap for other people

A: I keep buying myself stuff, like I’m training for the real thing

M: I am getting worried that stuff won’t get here in time

A: What did you order?

M: I am giving both my nieces plastic Birks

A: Ah, yes

M: I did get myself a few things for my stocking because Chris never does

A: Do tell!

M: That YSL tatouage lipstick:

M: a Yeti cocktail tumbler:

 M: and a new phone power bank that has built in cords and some hot honey.

A: I have that Yeti! It's the best.

M: Other than that, I have managed to not buy myself much of anything I AM A SAINT.

A: I have bought: those Uniqlo sweatpant, a sweater I liked at Marshalls but couldn’t find in my size so I tracked it down online:

A: and a The North Face jacket I found at NR for $89:

M: Solid purchases!

A: I don’t technically NEED any of that stuff but it’s CHRISTMAS THE SEASON TO BUY SHIT

A: How are you so saintly?

M: I am mostly too busy to think about it

M: Also too busy to read the blogs that make me want to buy things

A: I blame Nina for making me go to the outlet mall

M: And broke from shopping for everyone else

A: Well, I’m that too but it never stopped me

M: haha

M: I plan on hitting up the after Christmas fire sales from the comfort of my bed though

A: That’s a good plan

M: I have also been sending Chris a link whenever there’s something I am tempted by

M: Like YOU buy me this pretty jewelry box I like:

A: Ooh! That’s the way to do it.

M: My jewelry is currently jumbled in a Tupperware bin from the move

A: That seems like an apt description of my everything right now

M: Surely buying things will solve all of our problems, right? RIGHT?!


  1. The Uniqlo sweatpants are amazing. I am wearing them right now and they are so cozy.


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