Tuesday, December 17, 2019

We Discuss: Getting Our Shit Together.

A: I recently had a blog reader ask me how I store my jewelry and I was like, “in dusty piles” which I do not think was probably helpful

M: Oh! I keep my jewelry perfectly stored in a tangled mass piled inside a Tupperware container

M: Is that wrong?

A: At least their are containers involved

M: Keeps the dust off. But I actually asked for something for Christmas to fix this very problem so STAY TUNED.

A: You mean the jewelry box I linked yesterday and am now obsessed with?

M: Hahahahaha the very same

A: (Because spoiler alert, it’s been spoiled!)


M: Hehhah


M: Like Caboodles for grown ladies!

A: YESSSSS. God, I loved Caboodles

A: ANYWAY, since we are both getting Stackers, I think we should do some jewelry organization before-and-afters because who doesn’t want to see a sad dusty pile turn into something less sad and dusty?


A: Stop trying to make fetch happen, Marianne

ANYWAY, if you are a garbage person like us who needs a little help, Stackers jewelry boxes can be purchased direct from the website (in the UK) OR you can buy them 25% off at the Container Store. Pretty and practical and will totally make your life better. I mean, I assume. We'll find out soon!


  1. I had an additional 15% off at TCS so I bought a set just now. I SWEAR TO GOD one day I will be a freaking adult with a nice organized dresser and not like 2 of those Anthro ceramic egg things, 14 packs of buttons for clothes I don't have anymore, several milk glass trays with jewelry on it that's pushed so far back I forget about it, 10 plastic goodwill tags I cut off, receipts from shit I bought at LOFT 3 months ago and still feel guilty about, a basket of running socks, and the world's ugliest earring hanger, all covered in dust.

    1. It's like you can see into my house! Hahaha. SAME.

  2. I recently repurposed a china cabinet to be a jewelry cabinet to hold all of my baubles. It's a little over the top, but it holds everything and keeps the dust out. My favorite part is a pretty little tray to hold my eyeglasses.