Monday, November 29, 2021

Monday Mood: Jet Lagged.

I'm back! The eight hour time difference is making me feel...not great, so today I'm just going to post about a couple of good Cyber Monday sales and then I'll be back with a full trip/shopping/packing report. (Or, tell me what would be interesting or useful - info about travel in Ireland? A packing rundown? Shopping reports? What do you all want to know?) Now, on to the sales:


30% off everything! Oh damn, you guys. 

My suggestions: I love my Dalby jacket (worn here) and also this Ayra jacket is gorgeous. I also love the Balfern in green suede. Like, a lot. 

PS. If your size isn't available, check Nordstrom! They price match.


20% off everything and 30% off sweatshirts, joggers and sleepwear.

My suggestions: 100% the Triumph printed hoodie and the Brooklyn joggers


30% off sitewide and an extra 10% off plus 50% off the CC+ Cream and more It Cosmetics faves.

My suggestions: My favorite concealer and this magic eye cream for a thin layer under it!


40% off your purchase plus an extra 60% off sale.

My suggestions: Still eyeing this sweater blazer and basically everything I posted about here


30% off your purchase plus 40% off sale with code CLICKCLICK.

My suggestions: I desperately want these mid-rise stovepipe jeans and these lugsole boots, please. 


Free shipping plus up to 60% off everything plus an extra 15% off your purchase with code CYBER

My suggestion: Love this cozy sherpa-lined denim jacket!


60% off everything plus an extra 15% off purchase plus free shipping on all orders. 

My suggestion: Check out this pretty metallic dress (with sleeves!) for holiday gatherings.


  1. Packing! Shopping! Ireland! It's all interesting. Welcome back!

  2. Tell us what the cool kids are wearing in Ireland! In Paris I'm seeing so many slouchy leather pants.

    1. Oh, yes! I definitely will. Lots of faux leather leggings and joggers, for sure. (I’m so envious that you’re in Paris! Enjoy!)

  3. Welcome back! Get lots of rest, jet lag coming back is the worst. I bought my SIL the Brooklyn joggers for Christmas.

  4. Packing list! Haven't traveled since the before times and heading to France in April with only carry-on. I need help! Forgotten how to pack. And yes, let's hear about your trip. Vaxxed to the max and ready to fly.

    1. I'll definitely post my packing list, though I should fully admit that I checked my bag.