Monday, November 15, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Out of Office.

Because I'm a part-time slacker blogger I didn't prepare at all for the two weeks I'd be out so you basically get nothing. No Black Friday list, no Sephora sale suggestions, YOU GET NOTHING. Wait, okay, I did save this one outfit from last week so you can have that. You're welcome: 

Check out my new Quince $50 cashmere sweater! It's soft as baby bunnies and the color is beautiful. I'm wearing a medium which fits perfectly but I kinda wish I'd sized up for extra slouchiness. Next time! I also own and love their crewneck cashmere sweater which I reviewed here

I'm wearing my new sweater with the very excellent Madewell Griff pants (reviewed here) and they're just such a great color and seem to work with everything. They also come in a corduroy version if you want something a bit warmer. I'm carrying my little Clare V Midi Sac because I love the contrast of color. My exact version is sold out but there's one on Poshmark and this more demure cutie is way marked down on Nordstrom Rack and so is this leopard version! This is a great little bag, y'all. 

Okay, fine, it is November so I am also wearing my AllSaints Dalby jacket and my new little cashmere beanie from Quince. It's pretty fucking cute, right?  I am feeling okay about all of this even if it's giving me very slight lumberjack vibes:

Last thing, I'm wearing my Gorjana Parker wrap necklace all tangled up with my little lapis necklace.  Totally meant to do that.


  1. Love the hat, I am totally getting one as I am slightly addicted to Quince. We seem to be vaguely similar sizes, I have one Quince sweater in M and one in L and I do notice I reach for the L more often.