Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Outfit and Review: Athleta Lined Chelsea Cargo Pants.

There's a reason I call this a personal style blog and not a fashion blog because what I'm about to show you is in no way Fashion. What it is, however, is comfortable and reasonably cute and I like to tell y'all about the good things I find even if they're not life-changing green Dr Martens, you know? Okay, here we go: 

Here I am warm and toasty in my new Athleta Chelsea Cargo Lined Pant. I am so happy with these! They may not be super sexy fashion pants but they fit nicely and have this thin, soft lining that makes them cozy without feeling like I'm trying to shove long johns under my jeans. I also like that they have good, useful pockets without screaming I AM A CARGO PANT. That said, if you are just a no to cargo styles, the Brooklyn jogger comes lined and gets rave reviews.

I am wearing my usual size 8 and probably could have sized down to a 6, but the 8 is fine and probably the better fit. My top is this one from Quince and it's currently sold out, but hopefully they'll re-stock it soon! It's a nice workout tee and good for layering. Now, those pockets:

That little flappy pocket is excellent for storing your lip balm while on an airplane, just FYI. I'm also clearly wearing a new pair of shearling lined Birkenstock Boston clogs and if you've been tempted by these I am here to tell you that they are worth every single penny. Just do it, especially if you work from home. Go now, I'll wait. (More colors available here.)

Now, remember that hoody/jacket thing I told you about last week? This is it - it's the Mountain Hardwear Kor Cirrus Hybrid Hoodie (on sale here in a few sizes) and it's great. Super light weight, warm, zippy pockets, and packable. Oh, and I'm wearing boots to show you that the lining on the Chelsea Cargo pants is heathered grey and looks reasonably cute cuffed so you can wear them with boots! Yay for that. 

And here's a pic to show you the hood - it's good and deep, which I appreciate. This jacket also comes without a hood but I always find that a hood comes in handy. This might actually be my new red eye flight outfit - lightweight, comfy, packable layers, but not actual pajamas. (Who are these people?)

PS. If it seems like I'm building up to a big trip, I am! More on that soon...

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  1. Second the comment about the shearling Bostons. Cost per wear is less than a dollar heading into a second winter :)


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