Wednesday, November 10, 2021

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): J.Crew Friends & Family.

Ah, J.Crew. I can't quite quit you. Right now they're having a Friends & Family sale which is pretty dang good - 40% off plus free shipping for Rewards members with code FRIENDS. (Or 30% off if you don't want to sign up as a rewards member, but it's free, so get that extra 10%!) Here's what I like:

There's just something about a chonky cable-knit sweater! I love this one. 

Denim joggers? I know, I know. But these are seriously CUTE. 

Ugh, why aren't these mine! Clog boots are definitely in my future. 

Not a whiff of sister-wife! This dress is refreshingly sleek nary a puffed sleeve.

Oooh, like lil slabs of the ocean for your ears, right? Just me? Hello?

Okay, I love a practical puffer but this one is also fashion. And the color!

Do you have a red bag yet? WHY NOT. This one is beautifully simple. 

A perfectly cozy sweater blazer for wearing over a Or just any top.

That amazing vintage piece you "borrowed" from your mom and never gave back.

Y'all know I love a crazy print and this winter floral is it. 

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