Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Ready to Go!

 Hi! I've been dropping a few hints that I have a trip coming up but until last week it felt tenuous and not real. My boyfriend and I had to cancel two international trips scheduled during 2020 and we're finally able to use our credits for a two week trip to Ireland. We loved our last trip to Ireland and I am SO excited to go back. (Or go anywhere, really.) I wrote a bit about the last trip here and I'm glad I have that to remind me of what I should (and should not) bring. Anyway! Here's an outfit that's basically travel-try on:

Does anyone else buy a cream/white top and then never wear it because they're afraid of staining it? Just me? I've been forcing myself to wear my Varley Cleon top which I love but I'm so afraid of wrecking it. It's just clothes! I am absolutely going to take it with me because it's warm and cute. So there. My jeans are new/old Madewell via Poshmark. They're another pair of the cropped Perfect Vintage style because I gave up trying to find something with a mid rise for now. 

Real quick - these Madewell leopard boots are amazing but they're not going to Ireland because they're too impractical. I just thought they looked cute with this outfit, so you get leopard instead of my trusty Blundstones. Kinda wish I had this lugsole pair to take with me! The best of both worlds. 

Ah, this top is so dreamy. I love how oversized and slouchy it is and it's got a very fine ribbed texture that sets it apart from your average fancy sweatshirt. It's just begging for some spaghetti sauce or red wine. My labradorite necklace is Dean Davidson from a few years back. I can't really find much that's similar, but how gorgeous is this necklace? Okay, now to the important stuff:

This is my new (to me) Helly Hansen Long Belfast winter jacket in Ivy Green (which is last year's color and hard to find, I'm sorry!)  It's insulated and waterproof and had a great hood. I totally love it and highly recommend! (Note: Like most HH, it runs small - I'm wearing a large.) I do obviously already have a similar HH coat that I wore to Ireland the last time but, um, it still doesn't quite zip up at the moment. Whatever, this new one is great and check this out- the lining in mine is plum: 

Eee! I don't know why that pleases me, but it does. Just a nice pop of plum when you're not expecting it. I've worn this jacket out a few times in Ireland-like weather (which is very similar to Portland weather) and it's been great. Helly Hansen wins again. I'm also wearing a Barbour scarf that no longer exists in the world but it's a favorite.

I'm pretty sure my Hammitt VIP is the only bag I'll be taking with me - it's the perfect size, not too heavy, and very comfortable to wear. I always take two handbags on trips and only ever use one, so I think this is probably my best choice. (Honestly, if I had my way I'd be bringing a steamer trunk with everything I own but someone has declared this idea "impractical" and "batshit" so I guess I'll stick with a suitcase. Fine. 


  1. I gave an Anglophile friend that beautiful scarf a couple of years ago and I hope she wears it whenever she is in the UK. My compromise with white tops is to wear them when I know there are obvious hazards - no lunches at Italian restaurants or Magic Marker projects. After I've worn and washed the top a few times I can relax. I guess I feel I've got my money's worth. I am also a great believer in stain stick.

  2. This colour suits you. Have fun in my parents' home country ☘️☘️☘️💗💗💗