Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday Mood: PNW Weekend Shopping Report.

Somehow it's already Monday and I don't understand. I hope you all had a good weekend and did something fun. It was mostly a rainy, blustery weekend here so instead of riding my bike, we did some shopping. Here's what I got:

Danner Women's Jack III Boots
Danner is a Portland, OR based boot company known for amazing hiking boots but they also make lifestyle boots. Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to the Danner store so he could get some new boots and you can probably guess what happened. I was just along for the ride until I saw the Jack III boots (Amazon link - limited sizing here) and made the mistake of trying them on. Y'all. Y'ALL. These are some beautiful boots and once I put them on my feet I was sunk. I mean:

Lumberjack chic, amirite? And now they are mine! My boyfriend saw how much I loved them and bought them for me. True love. I will post an outfit this week!

Mountain Hardwear Kor Cirrus Hybrid 
I still do not feel fully prepared for the PNW fall weather so yesterday took a trip to the Columbia outlet. I bought a Columbia fleece (very cozy but pretty basic) and also found this Mountain Hardwear hybrid hoodie on the clearance rack. It's SO GOOD -  basically a very lightweight jacket that wears like a hoodie. It weighs nothing but is somehow warm, has an excellent hood, deep zip pockets, thin enough to wear as an extra layer under a coat, and best of all, packs down into one of the pockets so it's great for travel. I wore it yesterday on a chilly, windy, long walk and was completely comfortable. Highly recommend. It's not fashion but it is just a great layer for in-between weather. (I bought a medium - it's generously sized, so keep that in mind.)

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Mushroom
I've written about my love for the UD 24/7 eyeliner before and I was convinced that my favorite color had been discontinued. Well, it turns out it's just that Sephora doesn't seem to carry it anymore. It's still on the UD website and also on the Target website! I just ordered a new one so I can throw away the sad nub of my old one. This is a really unusual color - it's a silvery taupe that's not too dark and it looks amazing on brown eyes. Yay! 

And, a future purchase...

Bombas  Performance Running Calf Sock
I love the Performance Ankle sock so much that I get mad when both pairs I own are in the wash. They are the best - they don't slide around or bunch up ever and they are super comfortable. Looking ahead to colder weather, I thought the calf height version might be perfect for outdoor activities but also, they'd be ideal to wear with boots! I just want a boot sock that fits well, has no toe seam and stays put. I have a few pairs waiting in my shopping cart, so I'll report back after I get them. If you've never tried Bombas, now is the time! Use my link to get 25% off your first order! (Full disclosure: I also get a credit.) 

That's it for my weekend purchases - now please tell me if you bought anything good!


  1. Well, since you ask - I did have a little Athleta melt down and bought two more pairs of the Brooklyn joggers and this wraparound sweater thing? Those pants are my new favorites because they have a sleek waist. And the "Purana" is a really nice dark green that is very hard to find!

    1. Athleta pants are so good! Sounds like you got some great stuff.

  2. Oooh those boots! Not as exciting as yours, but I recently bought the Dolce Vita Huey boots that kept following me around the internet. They're so nice and stompy but also fashion.


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