Friday, October 1, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: BR Factory For Fall.

I was pretty impressed with Banana Republic Factory's summer offerings so I decided to see what the fall collection looks like. I am into it and it's all on sale! My only complaint is that a lot of the cool accessories the models are wearing don't seem to be for sale. (Whither thou zebra belt bag? Where is this crazy necklace? Why can't I have this leather camera bag?? Why??) Anyway, here's what I really liked that you can actually purchase:

Well, this is just a dreamy dream of a fall dress, right? Like, maybe you're the new exchange student at Oxford University where you read European literature? (And yay, tall boots are back!)

That said, I am a little bit weary of every single dress being midi-length 
so this mini dress is a refreshing and wearable change of pace. Plus, I love the pattern!

Comfy pull on pants but make it fashion. I love these! Great colors and a perfect cropped length.

Obviously there's a dramatic trench because fall is Dramatic Trench Season. I love the dark green color.

A VERY good plaid button up shirt that comes in a bunch of colors (but this one is the best.) 

This minimal quilted jacket also comes in black but this plum color is so excellent. 
Nobody needs another black coat. That's right, I said it.

THIS. This is the kind of scaled-up sweatshirt top I desire. It's so edgy but still looks soft and warm! 

And of course, sweater material joggers because everyone needs fancy sweatpants these days.


  1. Oh I like lots of those looks! That necklace is from 'full price' Banana Republic (and it's bloody expensive) so I wonder if the other accessories are also from there?

    1. Thank you! Also, THAT IS CHEATING,BR.

    2. They also do this with the shoes, and sometimes they're from multiple seasons ago. It is annoying for sure. Signed- person who shops Gap brands way too much

  2. Great recs - just placed an order. Regular BR is a bit rich for my blood especially with trendy items. These prices are just right.

  3. I got the pants and wore them to work Friday. They are Super comfy. The fabric is super, buttery soft, reminiscent of a hiking type pant and sort of like the Athletic Tech (sp?) line from Old Navy. The cut makes them dressy enough for work. It's very flattering, and they have pockets! I am a teacher, and they were seriously comfier than wearing jeans or leggings. Downsides: As I suspected, they are really quite thin. I'm probably not going to be able to wear them much more of fall, and they are definitely too light for winter if you live somewhere with a true winter. The other issue is the sizing. It's very generous. I'm a 12/31 and wear a large in most things, but I got a medium in these after reading the reviews, and I can actually pull them on and off without even undoing the button! The only issue is that does make the fit in the legs and elsewhere just a teensy bit clingier than I'd like-nothing terrible, but I will be wearing tops that cover my behind to avoid any chance of showing off an underpants line. Scandalous stuff, right? lol Anyway, I really do love them, and because I have short legs they are a perfect ankle length on me. If someone can make something just like these but just a teeeensy bit thicker for winter that would be amazing! Pretty please? Thank you for helping in my non stop quest for things that feel like pajamas that I can wear to work. You're my favorite!


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