Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Review: Madewell Washed Leather Jacket.

This is not the review I was hoping to write but I am not the kind of person to recommend something I don't think is up to par. After weeks of being backordered, I finally got my Madewell Washed Leather Jacket in the mail and I was SO excited about it. I'd recently started wearing my black AllSaints Dalby jacket and falling in love with it all over again and was looking forward to having another great leather jacket in another color. Y'all this ain't it. First, a quick outfit shot because I look pretty cute:

I'm wearing my old pair of H&M straight leg jeans that Marianne gave me. They're kind of patch-worky which is fun. There's not much similar but this pair of Citizens has a similar vibe. My top is thrifted! It's a silk blouse by Amour Vert and it's got little flecks of purple which aren't showing up in the photos. It's sold out, but how cool is this Amour Vert leopard top? I also love this dreamy split neck blouse

I'm wearing my new little Gorjana lapis bead necklace along with my Parker wrap necklace. Now, on to the main event:

This is the Madewell Washed Leather Jacket in forest green and the color is stunning. Stunning! I do kind of wish the hardware wasn't silver but that's a small thing. Mainly, this jacket is just too big on me. I went with the large because so many of the reviews said it runs super small and it fits in the body, but the sleeves are really wide and long it throws the whole thing off. 

I was also struck by the thinnest of the leather. It's soft but somehow feels almost brittle? I would be really worried about how this jacket holds up. Also, and I don't know if this is just the green leather, its got a strong chemical smell. It should have that dreamy leather jacket smell but it definitely does not. The chemical smell will probably fade but still. No.

I do think it fits me fine through the body and I don't think I could zip up a medium but you can see how big the sleeves are here. It would be good if I wanted to layer a thick sweater under it, but it's such a cropped jacket that I don't think I'd do that. 

Here's a close-up of the washed texture. It's really good and I love the crinkly, washed look of it but it just doesn't fit or feel like a $498 jacket. If this was a $200, I'd think it was a fair price but at nearly $500 retail, no way. For that kind of money I would 100% buy another AllSaints jacket. They even have a forest green suede Balfern and a sage green leather version. I also found this bottle green Walter Baker motorcycle jacket that's half the price. I still want a dark green leather jacket, but this one isn't it. Save your money and buy an AllSaints. 


  1. oh man... i was so excited for you to get your jacket. :(

  2. The color is lovely but it looks a lot like vegan leather in terms of "weight" and the thinness. Nothing wrong with vegan leather but like you said, it's not a look I would pay $500 for. Thanks for testing it out and sharing!

  3. Oh no!! That's not worth it.

    Here's another green leather jacket that I keep going back to:

    But now that I read your review, I realize the sleeves on the Levi's one also look ridiculously long! What is going on with this.

    (It's still very beautiful, and if you bought it, I could live vicariously through you.)

    1. The color is great but that price is too high for faux leather, IMO. It’s super cute, though!

    2. I hadn't noticed that it's "Italian Leatherette"! How are they charging $500 for a made-up word?!

    3. Does it say this on the tag? On Madewell's website it says, "leather."

    4. The Madewell jacket is real leather! I was responding about the Levi’s jacket she linked above in the comments.

    5. Ahhhh that makes sense! Thank you so much!

  4. Bummer. Those are Bigfoot sleeves. I agree that Allsaints makes a bang-on jacket, they just don't make them in a very wide range of sizes, also a bummer.

  5. What do you think of this one (it's vegan suede, so maybe not what you want, but the color might be good):