Wednesday, October 6, 2021

My Denim Wardrobe. (Spoiler: It's mostly Madewell.)

I wasn't kidding about it being jeans week! Today I'm going to tell you about all my jeans (the pics are clickable if you want to see the outfit post): 

First up are my Madewell Cali Demi-Boot and I LOVE THEM. I bought them back in the spring and they're just so fun. The denim for this particular pair is pretty lightweight which makes them a perfect spring/summer option and I've worn them a lot. The demi-boot is definitely a trendy style but it's also kicky and fresh and will look very current. 

Ah, my Madewell Boyjeans. These are the best boyfriend jeans I've tried - they're nicely slouchy but still pretty slim/straight through the leg. I'm wearing the regular version but they also have a high-rise version. Also they run BIG. I am wearing my regular size here and they definitely slip down through the day. I have another really cute pair but they're currently listed on Poshmark because shame pants have no place in my closet. Anyway, boyfriend jeans are great if you want a truly comfy pair of jeans that are still fashion.

These are my Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans and aside from the rise being an inch too much, I still really love the style. This was a pre-pandemic photo shoot, obviously, and here's my most recent (and def more dirtbag) styling. These are a great way to wean yourself off of skinny jeans. 

Ooh, a wildcard! These are a pair of H&M jeans that Marianne gave me and they are super cute and just a leetle bit tight right now. They're old so I can't link them but aren't they fun? Kinda patchwork and weird. Here's a better pic:

The only downside - no back pockets, just the shadow of pockets. I think it's good to have a quirky pair of jeans - something distressed or patchworked or embroidered

And these, my Madewell 10" High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Oakwood wash. I'm wearing them right this second! A 10" rise is about as high as I can go and still feel comfortable. These are nice because they're skinny all the way down and look great with short boots. I also love having dark gray jeans but wouldn't mind having another pair of these in a blue wash

That's it! I certainly feel like there are some holes in this wardrobe - I'd love to have a second pair of skinny jeans in blue and, as I mentioned yesterday, I really want a pair of cropped straight leg jeans in a mid-rise. I also think there's room for a wide-leg style? Something like these Pilcro jeans would be so cute! Or, maybe a true pair of bootcut jeans? I kind of miss them, tbh.

PS. I also own a pair of black coated jeans from Madewell that just barely fit me but they don't make them anymore so I am holding on to them. #shamepants


  1. I think you need a pair of light wash jeans, also from Madewell. I wore mine constantly during the spring & summer.

  2. I saw a pair of black coated jeans just the other day on either BR or BR Factory that looked pretty good. I was trying to decide if I needed Coates jeans or not. Also, I think your stuff is probably too small for me, but could you share your Poshmark closet? Just in case?

    1. Hey! My Poshmark closet is here: