Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Wanty: It's Jeans Week.

 My obsessions come and go and lately I've been obsessed with jeans. Back in the summer I sold off any pair of jeans I owned that I considered shame pants - they no longer quite fit but might fit later.  Nope. Gone, all of them. I am left with five pairs, most of which I wear regularly but there's still a hole in my denim wardrobe - I want a non-skinny, slightly cropped, mid-rise option in a medium blue wash that will work with my Chelsea boots. 

You'd think this would be easy but we're still in the era of HIGHEST SUPER HIGH RISE and y'all, I cannot take it another second. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have high rise jeans (four out of the five pairs mentions are high rise) and love them...until I'm sitting for more than 30 minutes. Then, my short-waisted self is angry. 

I will say that my Madewell Boyjeans pretty much fit the description of what I'm looking for but they're roomy, distressed and I have to cuff them. What I want is something slightly more streamlined and probably not distressed. Here are some options I've been considering:

Obviously Madewell is my first stop and lo, they are offering a mid-rise version of the Perfect Vintage jeans! They're practically perfect except my size is backordered until January. No worries I found them on Nordstrom and, huh. The wash is much lighter than it looks on the Madewell site. Not exactly right, but I'm keeping them in mind.

The Madewell Stovepipe Jeans also seem like a contender but the rise is pretty high and I'm not sure about the wash. I'd have to try these on in-store first. Jeans are so tricky! Next up:

I decided to check out Anthro like an idiot and found these beautiful perfect Paige jeans...that cost way more than I'm willing to pay. Ugh, they're great though, aren't they? (And yes, they're high rise but the heart wants what it wants. Apparently mine wants to destroy my other internal organs.) 

Okay, moving on, I am very intrigued by these Levi's Wedgie jeans!  They come in a bunch of washes and are under $100. But...the rise is a bit higher than mid-rise so I'd have to try them on and see. So cute, though. 

Out of desperation I checked out Old Navy who's still suffering from HIGHEST HIGH RISE disease but I though this pair was kind of cute. Not exactly what I'm looking for but still under consideration.

Also, these! Mid-rise, medium wash, slightly cropped, check check check. They aren't exciting but they are a really solid inexpensive option. 

Alright, that's all I have today - I'll be back tomorrow with more jeans action but for now, I'm asking you if you have a favorite pair that meets my requirements. Do tell! 


  1. Madewell has a "pre loved" section where you can buy used jeans. I haven't tried it yet so I can't say how accurate the descriptions are and I believe you have to pay for shipping, but it might be worth a look.

  2. I had to get rid of some shame jeans too. Now I am on the hunt for some wide legged options with a mid to dark blue uniform wash, as well as a non-cropped version of what you described. Enough with the super duper high rises already!
    Sorry but I have no suggestions, just thanks for doing the research.

  3. I don’t always have good luck with J Crew denim, but I have a pair of the 9” vintage slim straight in a wash from last season, they are slightly cropped & give a great butt!

  4. There are two that I really like although you have to find the right wash.
    The mother scrapper jeans (wear uncuffed) and the AG Nolans. I have both (probably in two washes). Neither are inexpensive. I also am into moussy jeans and recently purchased the Odessa but they are really high rise (and have little stretch but I do love them).

    My favorite jeans of all time still are the fidelity sola jeans you recommended years ago. I purchased two pair and they still are my go to's for skinny (along with a couple of pair of moussy and mother jeans).

    1. Thank you! And oh yes, those Fidelity Sola skinny jeans were the BEST. I should see if they still make them...

  5. I bought some from ON recently to refresh my jeans collection - the mid-rise slim straight. I got a tall for full-length and petite for cropped (I'm 5'9").

  6. Ooh, I know. I know! Try these AG ex-boyfriend jeans. You don't have to cuff, but they are cute either way. I love them so much I have them in 2 washes. The mid-rise is sooo refreshing and they have a little bit of slouch with out being too baggy/sloppy. I bought my regular size. https://www.agjeans.com/ex-boyfriend-slim-DAS157516YHUD.html