Monday, October 11, 2021

Monday Mood: Weekend Shopping Report.

I haven't been out to try things on in actual stores in a while, so over the weekend I ventured out to see what I could find. Madewell was mobbed so I didn't stay long enough to try things on. Anthro was basically empty but nothing really caught my eye. I did buy my favorite seasonal candle, though. My final stop was the danger zone: EVEREVE. I tried on a bunch of things including a couple of pairs of jeans:

The jeans on the left are Agolde Riley (I think?) and they were not for me - too rigid and too high rise. I forgot to take a photo of me wearing them because I'm the worst blogger. The jeans on the right, which I'm wearing in all the photos, are Kut From The Kloth High Rise Reese Ankle Straight and I really liked them:

They do run a whole size big, though. I'm wearing my usual size and they were definitely too big on me and they didn't have the next size down in-store. I might order a pair because they were comfy and had a nice mid-rise. The Reese cut comes in a bunch of colors and fabrics and they're under $100, which is refreshing. Now, on to the rest:

This is the Chaser hoodie I posted not long ago and I LOVED IT. I didn't buy it because I don't really need another striped top but it's soft and cozy and very, very cute on. I'm going to keep an eye on this one. 

I loved the snakey print of this Allison Joy Harper blouse but it was very blouse-y with a lot of sleeve. Like, a LOT of sleeve. Very cute and I should've tucked it in because it requires tucking, but it wasn't really for me. 

I immediately grabbed this John And Jenn Wes Camo Pullover because it looks like me, you know? I really liked it in theory but it was oversized and kind of boxy, so I couldn't decide if it was good on me. I have narrow shoulders so sometimes this cut just doesn't work. I probably should've tried a size down but it might not have mattered.

See? Such a good print. Camopard! Leocamo? I don't know. I dig it. 

This one by Roan + Ryan I shouldn't even show you because for some reason it's not on the website. I'm guessing it's out of stock. I'm hoping they'll restock because it was SO pretty. I love the two prints but it also had major sleeves which I wasn't sure about. (This one was being held for someone but they let me try it on.)

This top isn't in the photo above but it was a nice surprise - it's the Cleon Sweat by Varley, an athleisure brand I'd never tried before. This is technically a sweatshirt but it's got size zippers and a really sophisticated cut that doesn't feel sweatshirt-casual. I also never usually try on white/cream so it was a bit of a surprise that it looked nice on me: 

My crappy pics aren't really doing this top justice but I can't stop thinking about it! It's unlike anything I own, so I might end up buying it. It comes in some interesting colors too and also comes in a tunic-length version, which looked cozy.

That's it for me! Did you find anything great this weekend? 


  1. HOlY CRAP! EVEREVE! Amazing! I'm gonna get this sweater that has both a leopard print AND skulls!

    1. YES. I didn't see that until I was walking out and was like, EeeEeeeee!

    2. I pulled the trigger, and I'll report back, but dayum, it pushed all of my little sartorial triggers.

  2. I'm in love with that sweatshirt. Trying to decide if I can get away with the off-white as I'm a notorious klutz and always spill things on myself.

    1. Leandra, this is my worry too but it's REALLY nice. It runs a little big, FYI.