Tuesday, October 26, 2021

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): New Arrivals at Madewell.

I literally NEED NO THINGS AT ALL but somehow when Madewell sends me an email full of new arrivals, I have to take a look. I DO IT FOR THE BLOG OKAY?? (Why am I so shouty today?) Anyway, Madewell has a whole new bunch of crap I want and maybe you do too, so here's what I like:

I probably actually could use a cozy new sweater and...NO. NO! 
(Isn't it good, though? That blue/green color...) 

These are Marianne's new Perfect Vintage jeans and they are GREAT. (but definitely size down.)

This little crossbody is giving me vintage Coach vibes and how excellent is it in forest green?

Ooh, a fleece button down shirt! Though I'd probably get the black version because I'm boring.

These are the Griff tapered pants but in a very plush corduroy. Winter Griff! 

I know this color generally doesn't work on me but isn't it CUTE. I do love a fashion puffer jacket. 

HERE FOR THIS. A beautiful blurry plaid shirt jacket is everything I need for full PNW assimilation.

Finally, if Chelsea boots and UGGs had a baby, it would be these adorable boots, right? 

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