Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Killing Blog Time: A Few Rando Purchases.

If I buy something and don't tell you guys, did it actually happen? Haha. But wait, MOSTLY I AM MAD BECAUSE MY LEATHER JACKET WAS SUPPOSED TO COME YESTERDAY AND DID NOT. I was planning on reviewing it today but right now it's still on a delivery truck. Stop messing with my serotonin, UPS!* Anyway, I have a few purchases lately that I've been pleased with so you get to read about those things instead:

I went to Nordstrom Rack last weekend (ten minutes away! Such a novelty!) hoping to find jeans but they only had really weird stuff - like silver metallic jeans and patent leather leggings. Fun, but not what I'm looking for. I wandered over to the jewelry and found this:

So cute! And a compass! And half price. Sadly it's not on the NR site but they do have some other really nice Gorjana pieces. I'm a little bummed they didn't have this necklace in-store! I totally would've bought that. Gorjana necklaces stack well together so I was happy to find this little lapis baby to add to my collection.

I mentioned this yesterday, but Anthropologie has restocked my favorite winter candle - Balsam & Cedarwood. It's green, woodsy and a little spicy. And the container is so pretty! Its the perfect candle for those of us who can't handle the cloying pumpkin/vanilla scented stuff. It smells like fir trees and fall and is seasonal without being too obvious. I bought the little guy but I'll most likely go back for a bigger version when this one is done. 

When my friend Kate came to visit we wandered into the Aesop store and tried a fancy liquid hand soap - like, they seriously have a sink in the store and encourage you to try the soap! It was really wonderful but too spendy for me. Kate texted me yesterday to tell me about this suspiciously similar hand soap at Target. I'm suggestible so I bought it immediately. It's a bit masculine but does smell expensive and complex. We shall see! While I was there, I also picked up my favorite Method body wash which had been out of stock for ages. Whew.

Finally, listen. I know I'm super fickle but I have a new favorite underwear brand. I'm still wearing my Eleanor & Bobbie stuff but it's starting to stretch out a bit and they haven't restocked in ages. So, I finally decided to give EBY a try. They have amazing fun prints and a soft flocked edge so they don't move or ride up AT ALL. It's kind of amazing. I've tried the seamless bikini style and the briefs and really like both, though I didn't care for the high waisted style - total granny panties and not in a cool way. And yes, I bought the tiger striped underwear and the leopard print because of course I did. If you want to try EBY, use my link for $10 off your first order. (Full disclosure: I get points towards purchases). I promise you won't hate them. (Okay, you might hate them but I'll bet you won't.) 

*Thanks Katie

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