Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tomorrow We'll Talk About Physics.

A: Check this out:

A: I know he's not your thing, but only the power of a crazy-nice handbag could distract me from Daniel Craig.

M: He looks better there, maybe because his scary eyes are covered up. That Alexa leaps off the screen.

A: Right? I was like "oh, it's Dani...ALEXA."

A: I love his scary eyes.

M: He looks like he has a thyroid disorder.


M: I just looked at a million pictures of him and I only find him reasonably attractive with sunglasses on.  Okay looking:

Not so much:

A: You are crazy. That second photo made me want to crawl into the internet and undress him. Virtually.

M: Barf.

A: I also really like him all beat up and dirty:

A: I'm sorry, I can't explain it. It's not that I think he's "cute" or "handsome" its more that I want to get primal with him. He's very...masculine. Very. Masculine.

M: His face makes me uncomfortable! I don't know.

A: Plus, bitch can wear the hell out of a suit:

M: He looks okay there. Something about his hair freaks me out.

A: Yeah, I'm really looking at his hair.

A: This might make you more uncomfortable:

It certainly makes me feel funny.

M: Ugh. He's just so BEEFY. And that is not a compliment.

A: Well, but that was for a role. I don't think that's his every-day awesomeness.

M: Really, you should be happy that I'm not out to steal your dream man. Unlike my ex-husband Liev.

A: That's fine, it works out all around. I think my man wears a suit better than Liev. Just saying.

M: Um, I don't really need Liev to wear anything. So.

A: Oh, touché


  1. Adrien, I totally get what you're saying about the primal thing. He's not conventionally handsome but I just want him to take those hands and...well, nevermind.

    But Marianne, I can't believe you think he's beefy, but that picture of Liev in the wetsuit didn't kill you dead. It was like a butcher shop window!

    Oh, and if you ever want to really give yourself the willies, google pictures of Bono's hands. {{shudder}}

  2. I love guys are so funny.

    (I think he's cute. Sorry, Marianne.)