Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adrien: Wanty. Shoes. Yes.

I have not bought a pair of shoes (except bike shoes) in quite a while. Mostly because I'm really picky and have expensive taste but also because I pretty much only wear boots in the winter. But, now that springtime approaches my shoe lust has returned. And now I has it. Here's what I'm wanting:

Frye Maya Vintage Stud in teal:

These are on and keep getting marked down. I want them. (Also, I just realized I wanted them this time last year too. IT'S A SIGN.)

Also,  I want these amazing green Salima sandals from Miz Mooz:

Teen Girls' Clothes by Miz Mooz at ShopStyle

That color! So want. I also love the Gina mary jane (but maybe in the cognac color?):

Pumps by Miz Mooz at ShopStyle

This pair of pearly vintage-looking Indigo mary janes give me spring fever something terrible:

Pumps by Indigo by Clarks at ShopStyle

So Daisy Buchanan! So springtime! Ahhhh!

And finally, I am in love with these Chie Mihara beauties from the new spring collection:

My friend Lisa has them and I'm betting they look fantastic on her. I love them so much it hurts.


I need to go lie down.


  1. Looking at all these beauties makes me wish I didn't work at home so I'd have reason to buy purty shoes!! sigh. I'm wearing busted fuzzy slippers.

  2. Page! If you have reason to leave your house, you have reason to buy cute shoes! Working from home is no excuse.

  3. Those Chie Miharas make me feel a little faint. So, so pretty! I've been eyeing the Miz Mooz Salimas, too.

  4. I have the Gina Mary Jane. I bought them when it was -5 below and I just COULDN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE AND NEEDED SOMETHING PRETTY.

    I love them. I want to make out with them. They are fantastic, and SO FREAKING COMFY

  5. Adrien, I finally got to wear the shoes this week. They won't be wearable in Chicago for weeks. I promise photos.

    I'm coveting the Miz Mooz Silva in green and the Petra in turquoise and brown.

  6. OMG I want those Chie Mihara shoes so bad! I made the mistake of going to their Web site and I want at least four other pairs too. Can't afford - shit! Please buy the Iona multicolor so I can live vicariously.

  7. Why must shoes be so expensive! I want all of these!

  8. Love bright green shoes. Can't believe I had scored some green chie mj's a few years back for 70% off and didn't keep them. Ugh, the shoe regrets.

  9. This is inspiring. I really want to go shoe shopping now. I love those pearl mary janes.

  10. Loove the Fryes (can't believe I'm coveting shorter heels now) and the Chie Miharas. They are really special.

  11. Yes times a million to the Frye and the Chie Mihara pairs! I think the Frye pair would mix beautifully with your clothes. They're such a great color.

  12. Oh, the color is amazing, right? Love. And I'm happy you all like my picks!

  13. These are some excellent shoe choices! I wish I had an unlimited shoe budget :)