Monday, March 7, 2011

Marianne: Spring Playground Uniform

Y'all know I like a good uniform. And ever since I wrote this post I keep coming back to that first outfit. And then I read this post and it pretty much sealed the deal. I really needed a lightweight, olive green anorak, one long enough to cover my bum and fashiony enough that I could wear it to work in addition to the playground. Here are some of my favorite, affordable options.

I think the length of the coat, in addition to a lightweight, maybe stripey, tunic would make my leggings wearable without the boots I have so relied on all winter. My favorite is the grey Splendid top in the middle, but my budget does not allow for a $90 t-shirt. I may have to break down and check out Forever 21.

And while I'm going to try and incorporate skinny jeans into my spring wardrobe, what I really need is a cute pair of straight leg jeans. I can't decide whether to try a lighter wash or stick with the dark denim I gravitate towards. And while I am pretty sure I want a straight leg, Adrien has me coveting some high-waisted boot cut jeans. They seem so muffin-top friendly. What do you think?

So, in a nutshell, those are a few things I think I genuinely need this spring. I think this outfit, with a cross body bag and maybe some Chuck Taylors, would get me around any playground in town, don't you?


  1. I think you just nailed the perfect casual outfit. Yes to all of it.

  2. I just saw that ideeli has green/olivey anoraks by a.b.s. silver label if you are interested!