Tuesday, October 11, 2022

A Tale of Three Bags.

Hello! Here is a tale about three bags, two of which I own and one of which I'll probably never own but it was good inspiration. This is all real dumb. Here we go: 

Bag #1 (The issue) 

Y'all know I love my Hammitt large VIP bag - it's beautiful, and casual and the perfect size for an everyday bag. I probably carry it more than any other bag I own, which is why I was straight horrified when it broke. 

One of the little strap connector loops broke and my bag just fell off me in the middle of a dentist's waiting room. The horror! But, Hammitt offers a lifetime guarantee on their bags, so I reached out to them and they're going to repair my bag for free! I packed it up and sent it off and then was like, what do I use in the meantime? 

Bag #2 (The solution) 

I found this Minkoff medium Love bag at the thrift store back in August and was tempted to keep it for myself rather than listing it on Poshmark but I didn't need it. I had my Hammitt and my smaller quilted MJ bag so it seemed kind of extra to keep this rather fancy-feeling bag when I didn't technically have a need for it. I listed it for sale, though occasionally I'd try it on with an outfit for blog science. Just FYI, my Minkoff is the older quilted version (easily found on eBay and Poshmark) but the current version is a quilted chevron. I do love how similar it is to the Chanel Boy bag:

Bag #3 (the inspiration)

So, my Hammitt broke and is out of commission for at least a month so I started thinking about the Minkoff bag again. It hadn't sold and it was, like, right there in my closet looking all cute. While I was still pondering it, I saw the Chanel Boy bag in action on an episode of The Parisian Agency, and I was struck by how casually the woman who owned it was carrying it. I mean, yes, fine, she was a French model but it's just a bag! A very, very nice expensive bag, but to her it was just her bag. So I took the Minkoff bag out of my Poshmark shop and I've been carrying it ever since. It does feel a bit Chanel-fancy and it just seems to elevate everything I wear it with. (Outfit later this week!)  I might eventually sell it but for now it's mine all mine. 

Related links: This Minkoff Love bag in pewter is on sale and the version with gold hardware is available 25% off at Bloomingdales. There are some good prices on various colors and sizes here at Yoox. For an option under $100, I really like the look of this quilted leather bag at Marshalls! 


  1. I love this - I actually own a real Chanel bag (a wildly lavish gift!) and I'm trying to train myself to carry it on the not-special occasions to get more enjoyment out of it.


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