Wednesday, October 5, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Athleta New Arrivals.

Athleta is usually a hit for me (especially the pants and tights) but sometimes their color choices are not...quite it. This fall, however, they have some new styles and old favorites in some amazing autumnal colors that are all very much my thing. Here's what I love:

This asymmetrical sweatshirt just looks so cozy and easy to wear! It comes in a bunch of colors but this burgundy is it, right? I also love the green-y blue color. Ugh. 

I swear by the Brooklyn pant and every year they come out with new colors, most of which I hate. Not this year! I am so into this mahogany color and also intrigued by the dusty violet color. 

I bought this top back in the spring in the violet color and now it's available in fall colors! It's exactly the fit I want for a seamless top - body skimming but not clingy. It also has little grippy bits in the waist to keep it from riding up which I appreciate. 

Oooh, I am really intrigued by a Headlands Hybrid jogger. I love the HH tights and suspect the jogger is probably also pretty great. I have, like, four pairs of black Athleta tights/pants so this olive pair would be totally different, right? 

I'm a long-time fan of the Triumph hoodie and this green version is killing me. It also comes in the mahogany color seen above which is also very tempting. I have two Athleta hoodies already and I AM GOOD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. 

These are the Headland hybrid tights. They're indestructible but also comfortable and they don't get baggy in the knees. I'm not 100% sure about this gold color but I don't not like it. 

I keep eyeing this little backpack which would be great for hikes or around town. I do not need another backpack AT ALL but maybe? It gets good reviews and is slightly sporty without being over-the-top sporty. 

Oooh, these. If you do any kind of cool weather outdoor activity, you owe it to yourself to get a pair of Rainier tights. I have two (reflective and regular) and they are amazing. They get rave reviews for a reason - warm without being bulky and extremely flattering and comfortable.

I bought this Whisper jacket last winter (review here) in violet and now it's back in some really good colors including this textured version that I can't stop looking at. It's almost animal print? But not quite? Anyway, I love mine and you can't go wrong with this one (but def size down.) 

Which brings me to this parka-length version which comes in a new golden brown color and I am INTO IT SO MUCH. I do not neeeeeed it but you can be sure that when it goes on sale (and it will) I will be paying close attention to this parka I do not need in a color I definitely like very much. Ugh. 

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  1. Asymmetric Sweatshirt ordered. I have wanted this for a few years now. Can't wait.


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