Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Outfit and Review: Athleta Delancey Gleam Moto Tight.

Every so often I will buy something outright and full-price because I just have to know. I wanted a more elevated faux leather legging, something I'd be confident wearing like a pair of pants. (I have an inexpensive pair which is great as a layer, but pretty thin.) I already love Athleta's Headlands Hybrid tights so the Delancey Gleam Moto Tight seemed like it would be a good bet for me. I was going to get them in black but something about the (unfortunately named) decadent chocolate color just sparked joy. I ordered them and they are SO GOOD:

The color of these Delancey tights, despite the name, are is more oxblood than chocolate brown. They definitely lean reddish-purple which I absolutely love. They are comfortable and supportive but not super-constricting. If you're between sizes, I'd size down. I'm wearing a medium and they're perfect. I love the details:

Moto detailing and leg zippers which are great for getting a nice fitted ankle, but also help to get them on and off, so you don't have to hop around trying to get your leggings off your foot before you fall over. The only thing that would make these tights better is an inner drawstring - they tend to creep down as the day goes on. Other than that, I have no complaints. 

I paired them with my new favorite Bowie tee (more on that in a minute) and my Athleta Triumph hoodie which I haven't worn for a while but rediscovered when trying to talk myself out of buying an American Giant hoodie I don't actually need. It's got a relaxed fit, secure pockets and an aggressive collar which I think they've softened up on the latest version. Here are some details:

My earrings are beautiful one-of-a-kind moonstones from Three Flames Silverworks (check her out!) and I'm also wearing my moonstone necklace, which was a gift, but this one is similar. For something shiny, I'm wearing my new Gorjana Venice necklace - a herringbone chain that works beautifully for layering. 

My new Bowie tee was a Poshmark purchase! It's by Lucky Brand and appears to be sold out but it's widely available secondhand. I'm wearing a large because I like a roomy tee and Lucky sometimes runs a bit small. For something similar I like this one by Free People but there's also this other Lucky Brand tee which is tempting me. 

Finally, I'm carrying my Hammitt VIP bag which is still the bag that I've carried the most this year and my thrifted Vince Zeta loafers because I'm seeing loafers everywhere lately and this pair is so fun with the white platform. Also, cheaper than Gucci loafers which are the dream, right? (Though I am more taken with the weird clogs, if we're being honest.)

And now, a bonus we'll call: Are These Too Dated. I've held onto the Frye Veronica Slouch boots I bought more than ten years ago (proof!) and y'all, what do I do with them. Every now and then I'll try them on and I love them but I just don't know: 

Classic? Dated? I mean, they're black boots in an engineer style which seems classic but I just don't know that they're working here. Maybe just not this outfit?  Let me know what you think. 


  1. CLASSIC but I think I don’t love them with these pants bc they interfere with the cool moto details. But with regular leggings, go for it!

  2. I think those boots are the kind of classic that peak occasionally. They aren't peaking at the moment but I say keep them if you still like them.

  3. Those boots are classic...keep! Maybe they would work better with all black on the bottom or more plain leggings. Plus, as a PNW resident, you can never have too many pairs of leather boots for fall/winter conditions.

  4. i got rid of my frye engineer boots because i was feeling the same yes/no/meh towards them but i hadn't worn them in years. however, you can pry the frye campus boots from my cold dead hands.

  5. I've held every pr. of Fryes I have ever owned because well...they do seem to come around again..Campus, Harness, etc...keep....and also, yes.. as long time PDX dweller, we need all the boots.


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