Thursday, March 17, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Good Jeans, Good Jacket.

As I mentioned on Monday, I bought some stuff last weekend and forgot to take photos to actually document these purchases. I'm happy to report that both are keepers and I'm very happy with my choices:

These jeans, the Mid-Rise Perfect Vintage Jean in Enmore Wash, are why I keep buying Madewell denim. They're deliciously mid-rise, cropped the exact right amount, come in a good light wash and, of course, magic pockets. (I get mad at other jeans for not having magic pockets. It's rude.) ALSO, they look good from the back:

Just in case you ever wondered why the blog is called that. I took my usual jeans size in these but if you're between sizes, I'd size down. Oh, my t-shirt is COS and it's just a cotton t-shirt, but a good one. Mid-weight and good proportions. Now, here's the Vuori Military jacket that I've already worn twice since I bought it:

I freaking love it. It's lightweight, has lots of pockets, a stow-able hood and is water-resistant. All this and it still manages to look like fashion. Vuori has some magic where they make things boxy yet flattering and this jacket definitely falls into that category. Now, some details:

Here I am all ready to leave the house with my Hammitt VIP but I've attached a fun cheapy strap I got on Amazon just for a little splash of color. $10! I love a strap change-up. My clogs are very serviceable Sanita Professional clogs that I thrifted last year but I am really feeling like I need a high-heeled pair this spring. (Maybe these in black.) 

Another look at my Vuori jacket. I'm wearing this in a medium and it's a perfect fit, so I'd say true to size on this one. Now, jewelry:

Still digging my moonstone pendant! This one by Adornia is quite similar. My herringbone chain is Gorjana and I talked about it recently. I've been wearing it a ton - such a nice bit of understated gleam around my neck.

That's it! Madewell is still offering 20% off everything for Insiders, so not a bad time to buy a new pair of jeans! The jacket is rudely full-price but I promise it's good (and you know I'll let you know if it goes on sale. I'm good like that.) 


  1. These jeans are good, too. And they look like exactly the wash I've been looking for. Ugh. Stop tempting me, jeans!

  2. All of this looks great on you ... and you look really HAPPY!


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