Monday, March 7, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): EVEREVE New Arrivals.

I'm such a bargain/sale shopper that it's hard for me to immediately buy things when they're first released but I can't tell you how many times I've lost out by not pouncing on it immediately. (Yet, I almost never do.) But, I do really like to look and see what I might want for spring and right now EVEREVE has my attention with their new arrivals. Here's what I really like:

 I'm not hugely into ruffles but this top has some interesting details that keeps it from feeling too precious. (Plus, it's black, which you know I love.) 

This is your grown-up denim jacket that's not too cropped and has good pockets. I am into it. 

This gauze dress is the perfect floaty caftan that'll take you right through summer.

I am SO into these jeans! I have definite plans to go try these on. And, wouldn't they be cute with this:

I love this! It reminds me a little bit of the Apiece Apart top I rented last summer. 

This would be a great springtime set and I'm telling you, that herringbone chain is the thing.

This looks simple but also kind of perfect and flattering in it's simplicity. 

And wouldn't it be cute with these sandals? I need a dressier pair and love the low heel. 

Obviously I also want whatever fancy sweatshirt is available. This one is SO cute. 

Finally, this jacket from Varley is so perfect. It's got a hood, it's longer in the back and you can cinch the waist in for some shape. This would be a great light spring jacket, right? 


  1. Interesting. That pretty blue top is $90 over at Anthropologie

  2. That cinched t-shirt dress is so cute. I'm always looking for non-sleeveless dresses (not super brave about arms and also not a super fan of the "trapped in this cardigan" feeling).