Thursday, March 24, 2022

Stuff I Like: Spring Edition.

Hey, it's spring! Yay! Here's some new stuff I like and also some spring cleaning product suggestions because that's not weird at all, is it? Okay.

A Little Bit Of Spring Cleaning Help.
Here are a few of my favorite products to freshen up your closet! First, the amazing Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam. If you have leather shoes, boots, bags, etc. that are looking a little faded and dry? You need this stuff. It's a miracle product and one tin will last forever. I also love a little bottle peppermint Dr. Bronner's castile soap for cleaning my makeup brushes and sponges. It works like a champ and leaves behind some minty freshness. For hand-washing your cashmere sweaters before putting them away, I very much recommend Eucalan No Rinse detergent. It's super gentle and you don't have to rinse 800 times because it's a no-rinse formula! (I still rinse, but just once.) Finally, for stinky workout clothes, I swear by a long soak in Rockin' Green. It's a disgusting process, but it definitely gets the stink out.


These No-Show Socks I Bought For Blog Science.
Listen, I like Bombas no-show socks because they're soft and stretchy and feel like real socks.  And mostly they stay up! But, for some reason they don't work with my Madewell sneakers, which look best with no socks. So the 800th time I was served an online ad for ONDO socks, I snapped and bought them. Okay, first, they STAY PUT. They 100% stay put. ONDO aren't traditional socks, they're built like little booties, if you will, so they fit your foot perfectly like a slipper sock. They aren't perfect, though. I wish they weren't quite so thin and they're riddled with seams but they do stay up and that's enough for me. 

This Show About Getting Un-Stuck.
I wasn't familiar with Bridget Everett before watching Somebody Somewhere, but my sister recommended it and I was basically in love with the entire cast (Jeff Hiller! A delight!) by the end of the first episode. It's hilarious, tragic, quietly midwestern and very much about grief, recovery and trusting yourself and the people who are there for you. Oof, I loved it. Just watch it. 

This Book That I Didn't Want to Finish.
Can you handle another Mhairi McFarlane review? I just really love her books for when I need a not-too-fluffy romance that's really about other things. Just Last Night is about friendship and loss and missed chances and I seriously started rationing it because I was tearing through it and wanted it to last. Mhairi is just so good at writing about people who feel like real people and ooh, there's a good romance too. Enjoy. (Sorry about the crying. There will be crying.)

And, A New Blog Page! 
If you look up top there, I've added a Favorites page. This is a place where I can add widgets of all our favorite crap, including beauty products, Madewell goodness, etc. There's more to come (and I need to figure out a better way to organize it) but if there are any specific lists that you'd like to see, let me know. 


  1. I can echo your comments about "Somebody, Somewhere." Very well done and worth watching. And will put "Just Last Night" on my reading list.

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you love Somebody, Somewhere. It's so good.

  2. I've been using the Eucalan for ages, on your recommendation, and it is great. It actually makes me less liable to put off handwashing items because it is so easy to use (I also rinse just once). Have you had any luck using the Rockin Green just in a regular cycle in the washing machine, or does it really need to soak to be effective?

    Also echoing the appreciation for 'Somebody, Somewhere' which is just wonderful all around! I've recently been watching 'The Newsreader' - an Australian show set in the 1980s that invokes actual events of the time (Challenger explosion, etc.) It has some great/terrible 80s fashions and intriguing character development. (It's on the Roku Channel, which I had never given any thought to before, but there is was.)

    1. I've used Rockin Green in the regular cycle but the soak is what really gets the stink out.

      And thanks for the show rec! I don't have the Roku channel but maybe it's time.


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