Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Outfit of the Day: So Much Animal Print.

Just exploring all my animal print options today but starting with a pretty blank slate:

Groundbreaking, I know. I'm wearing my new Madewell mid-rise Perfect Vintage jeans and they are SO COMFORTABLE. I've been wearing them daily. Love the fit, love the raw hem, medium on the wash which I feel could be a bit more interesting, but it's fine. Of course I want them in black and maybe the knee rip version too. 

My black silk tank is thrifted! It's Alice + Olivia and has pretty lace shoulders which you can't really see. It's a bit big on me so I'm planning on buying this under-$40 washable version from Quince instead. Not as fancy but seems like a good staple, right? I also love this one by L'Agence at NR. I added my Design History cardigan from a few years ago and it's still working for me. It's long sold out but this one by Splendid is a much nicer update and ugh, this Kule version is the one I really want but they're sold out of my size. Anyway, everything was going fine until:

I added my Clare V Midi Sac. There's just a lot of pattern competition going on here. The cardigan and the bag are in a fight and nobody is winning. I decided to try again with a different leopard print:

Oh man, I love this crazy jacket. It's Avec Les Filles and still available new in a few sizes here and pre-owned available here. I'm wearing a medium and I reviewed it here. It's cozy and fun. I added the bag back in:

Somehow this works, right? The smaller, darker leopard is a nice background and there's no fighting! I also love how my bag works with my red flats, which I'll talk about down below. Details:

I'm going easy with the jewelry today - just my Gorjana Venice necklace and a very pretty little necklace from Nine Roses that was a gift. A few more details:

My leather flats are Everlane Day Glove but they don't make them in red anymore so maybe check out this cool convertible flat by Camper instead (more sizes here.) And my bag, as mentioned above is the Clare V Midi Sac. There are several snakeskin versions on NR right now - this one is my current favorite. There's also this one by Madewell that a reader told me about! So cute. Get all your animal print together and see what happens, okay? 

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