Monday, March 28, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): All These Sales.

 Is it just me or is everyone having a good sale right now? It's pretty rude, right? It's making me feel very shoppy, so I decided to push some of that onto you all to deflect my own wanty-ness. I know. I know. I KNOW. I can't help it. Here's what I like

Madewell - Extra 20% off sale items

Ooh, this is so tempting! I seriously love my new mid-rise Perfect Vintage jeans (which are not on sale) but this version with the knee rip is. I'm so happy mid-rise is a thing again, y'all. It's very exciting. 

Also, I don't need another pair of boots AT ALL but these are so cute and maybe Autumn Me would be happy about it?

Okay, this Liberty print dress is so freaking cute with the tie sleeves and the pattern and dammit. Can't you just see it with white Birkenstocks? 

I also really love a toggle chain and this one is really tempting me. 

Biossance - 25% off sitewide with code SPRING25

Remember how I was just talking about that good Biossance eye cream? Well, now it's 25% off. Just saying.

Bloomingdales - 25% off Friends & Family 

Oh my god, these damn Cole Haan sandals. I just love them and they follow me around the Internet. Basically, they're stalking me which feels aggressive. And now they're on sale! *whine*

LOFT - Up to 40% off with code READY

This blazer is so cute and also comes in a (much less scary) black version but I keep coming back to the white one. It's so fresh, right? 

Banana Republic Factory - 50% Off Everything 

I really should be looking for work-appropriate clothing in case I get a non-remote position but this pretty, floaty summer dress (which also comes in a bright red colorway) just would not leave me alone. 

Athleta - 20% off with Friends & Family (offer sent by email)

This is my favorite workout tank from Athleta and I really would love another one. It's lightweight, has good coverage and is just the right slightly-cropped length. 

I've also had my eye on this long-sleeve top that gets rave reviews! I love the color and it seems like it would be versatile. We'll see. 

Lo & Sons - Spring sale up to 40% off

This is the Pearl bag and I have it in black. I love it! It's a perfect travel crossbody and I've been wanting a grey one for ages. Now it's 30% off which is a good deal (though sometimes they do 40% off! But still, it's a beautiful bag and worth the price.) 

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