Thursday, March 3, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Hard Pants Out, Soft Pants In.

Sometimes I plan out the outfits I post on the blog and sometimes I get dressed to go out to dinner and look in the mirror and think, this looks pretty cool. So I put my jeans back on for a photo the next day (and then immediately took them off and put on my soft pants back on because WFH demands it):

Nothing super exciting but I'm pretty into the slightly-cropped sweater/high waisted jeans thing. My sweater is the Lululemon Nurture & Nature Pullover and I thrifted it. It's from a few years back but it's pretty similar to this BR Factory sweater and I also like this one, which comes in good colors. And check out this one at J.Crew - it's a perfect spring sweater, right?

My jeans are Madewell Skinny in Oakwood wash but this current pair is pretty similar and I really like the look of this pair by Good American. And the boots! I mean, how could these boots not belong to me? I don't get to wear them enough but I love them deeply. There's nothing else quite like them but I do think these cherry red Camper boots are worth consideration. 

When I wear all black and grey I feel like I have to go extra with accessories so along with my red lightning bolt boots I pulled out my snakeskin Clare V Midi Sac. Here's a better look:

Such a perfect small bag! There are several available at Nordstrom Rack right now, too. I love this one in particular and this one is perfect for spring and summer. And ooh, this one is a really good green and it's on clearance! It's a small bag but it always gets me compliments. And, because I'm mean, I have to say that this new green quilted version has been haunting me. A few final details: 

My belt above is the Madewell Perfect Belt and my paperclip chain is also Madewell. My moonstone pendant was a gift but this one by Adornia is quite similar. I love a chunk of moonstone against black. It feels kind of witchy. Like me. 

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