Thursday, September 22, 2022

Review: Quince Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman Sweater.

Hi! Now it's my turn to beat you over the head with this Quince sweater. Yesterday I posted a reader review comparing this sweater with one by Jenni Kayne (unfair! Stop making me want expensive things!) and today I'm showing you my Quince cashmere Fisherman sweater with which I'm quite pleased:

First of all, I don't have a Jenni Kayne sweater as a comparison but this Quince sweater feels light and soft like a cloud. I was delighted when I first saw it. I sized up to a large because I wanted it to be slouchy and over-sized and that's what I got. It looks 800% better if you do a little half tuck:

So slouchy and soft and comfy! The sleeves are extra long but the body is kind of boxy and hits me at the hip (I'm 5'5") so if you're tall, this one might not work for you. As for the knit, I'm a delicate flower who finds all versions of wool/cashmere/alpaca itchy but I wore this one for a good half an hour without a tee underneath and wasn't bothered. This has never happened! (I'm still probably going to wear a tee underneath though, so if you have any liner tee suggestions, please let me know.)

I'm wearing the sweater with an older pair of Madewell Boyjeans that I completely love. This current version is probably the most similar. I'm also wearing my new M.Gemi shearling and suede clogs which I bought recently on Poshmark. They are A DELIGHT. M.Gemi is currently only stocking the back strap version but Madewell has a shearling lined clog and if you're feeling spending, there's a really nice pair by Rag & Bone. (Is anyone else weirded out by the clogs with shearling on the outside? I mean, yes, SO CUTE but how do you clean them?) On to details:

Hello, I need a bang trim. This is just to show you the sweater knit up a bit closer. I'm wearing my Gorjana Compass Coin necklace all simple-like. Now, this crossbody bag of mine:

It's by Elliott Lucca and I thrifted it to sell on Poshmark but now I'm wavering. Do I keep it or sell it? It's kind of cute and the color is interesting, right? For something similar I like this Frye crossbody but I'm also kind of into this MZ Wallace quilted bag and ugh, how cute is this Hammitt crossbody? Yes, I know it has a face. Anyway, I have the Elliott Lucca bag listed but I'm wavering. Anyway, aren't my clogs cute? They bring me stompy, shearling-lined joy. 

PS. If you're new to Quince and want $20 off your first purchase, please use my link(Full disclosure: for each purchase through my link I receive credits to spend which allows me to try and review more stuff!) 


  1. Hmmm... I'm into your longer bangs... Thank you for trying this sweater for Blog Science. It looks great on you. For layering, I'm devoted to Uniqlo AIRism -

  2. Another vote for Uniqlo having the best sweater liners, but I like their HeatTech collection. The regular line are super thin, smooth, and stretchy, and the Ultra Warm ones are thick enough to take the itch out of my thicker woolen sweaters (but are still thin and not bulky).

  3. Another vote for Uniqlo! I use both AIRism and HeatTech.

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  5. Thanks all! I'll check out Uniqlo for sure.


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