Thursday, September 8, 2022

Stuff I Bought: Not-Quite-Fall Edition.

I have a mental list of things I'd like to buy for fall/winter and have recently knocked a few of those items out with my usual brand of idiotic impulse shopping. It's great to be me.  First up, I received my Grayson dress and it's great:

I'll post an outfit soon! Unfortunately it's true that Grayson is shutting down so this dress is sold out in black but still available in a few colors and in cotton. I took a size 3/M in this and it's generous. My linen dress is also still in stock but everything is final sale. That said, I'm tempted to order a button up shirt before they're gone because people seem to love them! 

In truly fall-like news, I was recently influenced by a blog reader (hi, Robyn!) who told me she'd heard that the Quince cashmere fisherman sweater is similar to the Jenni Kayne version so I ordered one for Blog Science:

This is Very Important Sweater Research, yes? She also ordered the Quince sweater and the Jenni Kayne version to compare. (I consider this to be dangerous behavior but she promised to let me know her findings.) I can't do much about the wonders of Jenni Kayne cashmere but if you you're tempted by the Quince version, you can get $20 off your first order through my link. (Full disclosure: I get Quince credit with each sale.) 

Lastly, this isn't really a "fall" purchase but I wanted a truly comfortable pair of lightweight, packable sneakers for travel that are also not completely hideous. I love my Madewell Sidewalk sneakers but they're leather and more for fashion than serious walking. Marianne suggested I check out the Aertrex Carly which are super-sexy arch support sneakers. This is where we are, I guess. But they come in good colors and they are SO lightweight, so they'll pack well:

I tried them on and they seem great? They didn't have the white in my size in-store so I ordered them (though now I'm eyeing the leopard print and having mild regret.) I'll report back! 

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  1. That Quince fisherman sweater is legit good. Bought it a year ago after pining for the Jenni Kayne and had zero regrets (very unusual for me). Wear it all the time - especially spring/summer.


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