Friday, June 16, 2023

Quince Linen Review: Short Sleeve Shirt, Swing Dress, and Linen Blazer.

I recently bought three items from Quince’s linen collection and thought I’d tell y’all about them. Just a note about sizing: I’m usually a size 8 and I'm wearing a medium for all of these items. I’m 5’5” so some of this is not great for the talls, though I believe extended, tall and petite sizing is coming. 

First up, this is the Linen Short Sleeve Shirt ($34.90):

I like this shirt! The color is very on-trend and I don't own anything like it. The fit isn't cropped, exactly, but it is on the short side and has a slightly boxy fit. This is what you wear when you really just want to wear a t-shirt but feel like you should make more of an effort. My only complaint is that I would like a fourth button. Seriously, why only three buttons? 

It's linen. Linen wrinkles. It's just what it does so don't fight it. (Honestly, the reviews complaining about this!)

I like how it looks tucked but it definitely requires a higher rise to successfully pull it off. My jeans are Mother The Weekender and I reviewed them here

Next up is this linen Short Sleeve Swing Dress ($59.90.) They also have a sleeveless version and both are Faherty knock-offs I believe. It’s made from the same nice European linen and the pintuck details are quite good. 

Unpopular opinion: It has pockets and I wish it didn’t because I don’t actually need extra bulk at the hips.

I’m wearing a medium and it fits fine but I’d love another inch of length. It’s also probably see-through in the lighter colors, so just be aware of that. Overall it’s a cute summer sack dress that I'll wear a lot. It's easy to wear, casual, and comfy. Just a note: I don't have Photoshop anymore so I can't correct the color! The navy blue color is not as saturated as it looks, this is more accurate: 

Finally, I bought the Linen Blazer ($69.90) which fits me pretty well in the medium. It’s oversized but I don’t think I could get the small around my hips, so the medium was definitely the way to go. 

I should've taken a picture with the sleeves unrolled, I guess, but I have short arms so sleeves are often too long for me. I like the sleeves rolled because Y'ALL I AM MIAMI VICE CASUAL. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT. 

It doesn’t have a lining which is slightly irritating only because the underside flaps of the lapel keep popping out. A little stitch witchery should fix that though. Overall I think it’ll be nice for a summer layer - slouchy and elegant but still comfy.

My striped tee is the Sno Cone from AYR! I still think AYR tees are too expensive but I keep buying and wearing the hell out of them so I'm beginning to think they're worth the money.

If you've never shopped Quince before and want $20 off your first purchase, please use my link. (full disclosure: for each purchase I get $20 in Quince credit.) 


  1. Agree about AYR tees. Expensive, but I now own two so...

  2. I've been looking at the linen dress but I was afraid it would be too short for my taste (I'm 5'-6"), so thank you for this review!


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