Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Gift Guide: Adrien's Wishlist.

I am panic-shopping, you guys. PANIC. SHOPPING. Why do I do this to myself every year? Why is anything? So I thought instead of posting a bunch of stuff I found online (though if we're being honest is still kind of fun?) I thought I'd post up a few things that are on my personal wishlist.

I love this caramel lip balm from Fresh and now they have a coconut version which I have not checked out IRL but I'm sure it's amazing:

I am very into fun cycling socks and The Athletic makes the absolute best designs (and are not just for cyclists!) I especially covet their mismatched pairs:

So, listen. I don't know when I became a scented candle person but the really expensive ones are my kryptonite and I would love a little set of mini Diptyque candles:

I fully give into my Birkenstock love and now I want a pair of shearling-lined clogs. Badly:

Finally, this is the stuff of fantasy but these earrings at Nine Roses (an amazing local shop) are KILLING ME. Killing me. Killing. Me:

I KNOW I KNOW. I can't even go see them in person because I'm scared of what I might do.

That's my list! Tomorrow I'll post Marianne's list. Hooray.

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