Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Gift Guide: Marianne's Wishlist

Yesterday I posted my wishlist of things I actually really would like for the holidays. Today, it's Marianne's turn:

I am NOT asking for these but that doesn't mean I don't want them:

And these assholes have my number as usual:

I also like WWAKE's stick wisp earrings:

I'd like a new set of prep bowls so I can get rid of our plastic ones. These are nice:

There are quite a few things on my Amazon list that I would love. A pretty brass mister for my plants:

New towels for the pool, several books (Adrien is saving those for the book gift guide because she's mean), and an essential oil diffuser:

Your turn! What's on your personal wishlist? A pony? A pair of Birkenstocks? A Dissent pin?

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