Monday, December 17, 2018

Accidental Anthropologie Shopping Report.

Last Friday I went shopping for holiday gifts but also to try and find something festive to wear for parties and whatnot. I seem to have lots of work/casual clothes but not much in the way of festive party things. It's dumb and annoying. Anyway, I went to Anthropologie because of the 30% off sale (today is the last day!) and I tried on some things. First, I tried on this dress which seemed really, really cute on the hanger and very "me" but was actually a terrible monster dress:

I sent the photo to Marianne because I was starting to get snow-blind and needed a rational voice.

A: Tell me I don’t need this over-priced Anthro dress

M: That is doing you zero favors

M: Like. No

A: Thank you

A: It’s cuter irl but too expensive

A: I got two parties and nothing to wear

M: Hard pass

M: Like that dress is angering me

A: Haaa

M: I’m mad at it

A: That pic is making me mad now

M: It’s so so bad

M: You do not look like that

A: I love you

M: I’m serious! That dress is WRONG

A: I also tried on this top and it was cute but requires underpinnings:

M: That top would be pretty for a party with some black velvet pants (Target has some surprisingly decent ones RN)

A: I’m still cracking up at your reaction to that dress on me

M: Shew

M: I hate that dress

A: It seemed so cute on the hanger

M: Rude

A: I need to learn to not try on stuff like that

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Ugh, why can't this be easy? It's just not. While I was at Anthro I also tried on this top which surprised me:

With my coated black jeans, a fun necklace and a pair of heeled boots? It's shiny and a little rock 'n roll and looked great with my coloring. I think it's really fun but it's more than I would normally spend on such things, you know? I also thought this top was pretty but it had too much sleeve going on for me. There was also a gorgeous skirt (sold out online) that I loved on the hanger but the pleats did weird things in the back. You know what I really liked? This damn simple top:

They gave it to me to try on with the fancy skirt and it was so nice! Just a very simple cotton top with a flattering neckline. I probably should've just bought the damn thing. Anthro clothing is always a bit of a challenge for me and I guess every now and then I need a reminder. 


  1. Just use the discount on all these! :)

    1. Oh, nice! I didn't know there was G&B at Anthro!

  2. i've tried a few things at anthro lately but nothing's worked out... it's been nothing but returns so i feel your frustration at the "cute on the hanger but not on me" phenomenon

    1. It's irritating but at least the house stuff is consistently good.

  3. Pretty stuff! But why purple top model so slouchy and why last girl have no hips?

  4. I actually think the first dress looks kind of cute on you. I agree you have to try stuff at anthro though as it is totally hit or miss.

  5. I really like this top. I wore it to my work Christmas party.