Wednesday, December 19, 2018

BUY THIS (Because You Waited Until The Last Minute.) Part One!

OH MY GOD I AM SO BEHIND. I do this every year. EVERY YEAR. I would desperately love to be one of those people who buys gifts all year round and then smugly declares their holiday shopping done in October but I am NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. (If you are? Good for you. Please leave.) So, with the assumption that you're like me, here are some last minute gift/stocking stuffer suggestions.

So, Amazon. It's the best and the worst, right? I have Prime so I have four leisurely days left for free 2-day shipping. If you don't have Prime, you are probably hosed and I'm sorry. (Maybe sign up for the trial month?) Anyway, here are some fun things you can get real last-minute-like:

Dissent pins are on Amazon! Maybe someone needs an RBG necklace or a pin

I got this as a gift last year and I love it. Great recipes, cool photos and Tony Bourdain's voice through and through. It's a good one. Sigh.

These earrings are House of Harlow and they're flat-out amazing.

My favorite mascara! I need to reorder, actually. 

Marianne has this cute whale nail brush and I covet it.

EVERYONE needs a Japanese Exfoliating towel. Everyone. Seriously, everyone. 

This is the gift that says, "Your feet are gross. Happy Holidays!"

Marianne bought this cozy airplane hoodie pillow thing and gave it two thumbs up. 

For the hangry bitch in your life. (Hey, that's me!) 

Next up, Madewell gifts! 


  1. I hope y'all do a mascara update sometime soon. I recently got some mascara last minute for an event, and I was trying to remember what you both recommended on the blog... thought it was L'oreal Lash Paradise? So that's what I got and it was super clumpy AND I got it on my brow bone. I am bad at makeup. SEND HELP

    1. I pretty much only use FairyDrops these days! I'll ask Marianne what she's using.

  2. the Whale nailbrush link is to some L'oreal thing

  3. Well these are all fantastic ideas!

    (I got that cookbook last year, too, and it makes me so sad to read it now. But it is a damn good cookbook.)


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