Thursday, December 6, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Brought To You By Banana Republic.

Hello! I feel like the title up there might be misleading. In no way did BR sponsor this entry or ever (not even once!) send me free clothes. I am TOTALLY FOR SALE, BANANA. JUST IN CASE YOU WANTED TO SEND ME STUFF. 

Anyway. I just realized that I'm basically wearing head-to-ankle BR and I'm okay with that since they have not been disappointing me as much as usual this fall. First, my sweater: 

I really wanted an Everlane striped cashmere sweater but I didn't love the offering this fall so I found this merino wool striped v-neck sweater on deep discount at BR (it's 40% off right now.) Unlike the last Banana sweater I bought, this one did not pill up all crazy and it's washable, apparently! It's thin and has some delicate open-stitch details which I like, though I do wear a tee underneath (wool being itchy and all.) I've been wearing it quite a lot lately. 

These are the jeans I keep telling you to buy! (50% off today!) Interestingly, the green pair seem to stretch out with wear but the red pair keep their shape. I have no idea why as they're exactly the same damn pants. Whatever, BR. Anyway, they're soft and festive and I wear them to work as if they're just pants, not jeans. You could also wear them with heels and a sparkly top and be all dressy! Why not. Details: 

I will be so sad if I ever lose my Giles and Brother fish hook pendant. It's been a long-time favorite of mine and you can't find them anywhere. But, if you're just looking for a pretty long pendant, this one at BR (which I saw with my own eyes) is really striking and of course Madewell is always good for a minimal pendant necklace. Oh, and don't forget Soko! How beautiful is this pendant

I know I've already talked at length about my Liberty of London tote, but it's really become a great weekday bag for me. I love the color and pattern and it handles anything I throw at it. My boots are Madewell Lucien and you can still find them on Poshmark! I'd say the Madewell Asher is the most similar in style. 

And hey, it's cold out so now is the time I start wearing leather jacket #2, my Veda Jayne jacket I bought on eBay. It was in rough shape when I got it but some leather conditioner and a trip to the leather shop to replace a broken buckle and it's back in business. It has a cozy jersey lining so is warmer than my AllSaints jacket and I love the unusual color. I can't find a true similar but this Muubaas grey leather jacket looks really nice and  this petal pink moto jacket is pretty adorable. 

A final note about my scarf! It's Barbour and sold out but there's one on eBay and one on Poshmark*. I reviewed it here and it's still one of my favorite scarves of all times. (RIP beautiful plaid Irish cashmere scarf that I lost in a snowstorm. You were loved.) You can also find great deals on Barbour scarves that are technically men's but who cares. They're beautiful.

*These aren't mine and I don't know the sellers! Please use caution and read feedback before purchasing.


  1. Ooh I love how that scarf pulls the whole look together so nicely!

  2. Jacket looks great and really pulls the whole look together. I bought the BR pants on your recommendation and they are great. I had the same experience with the fit of green vs red. The green end up sliding down and bagging a bit after a couple wears, but the red fit snuggly, almost as if they are a size smaller (they are not). Still love them though, I am short and curvy and usually have issues with skinny fit jeans, but these fit like a glove and are so comfortable. Thanks for featuring them! ~suburbanmom2


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