Friday, December 7, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Nordstrom Rack Is Gifty AF.

I recently hit up the nearby Nordstrom Rack in pursuit of holiday gifts and was, as usual, completely overwhelmed and then underwhelmed. I like the website a lot better. For one thing, they didn't have this gorgeous little Madewell Transport Crossbody bag at my store and here it is in three colors! I also kept an eye out for this Bowie tee but it's apparently website-only. Why do I even leave the house? Anyway, here are a few good gift ideas from Nordstrom Rack:




  1. Okay, so my main question was where is the nearest n-rack??? Is there a secret one in RVA that I don't know about?

    1. I wish! The closest one is in Woodbridge! I went to Potomac Mill last week.

    2. Ok, cooooollll. But also dammit. Google results seem to imply one might be in the works though, fingers-crossed


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