Wednesday, December 13, 2017

We Discuss: The Joy That Is Last Christmas.

A: I need you to watch this video:

M: Okay

A: Awesome

M: Okay so it’s very cold. Oh and there’s jeeps.

A:  Wham! Ski holiday!

M: There’s so much resplendent hair.


M: I mean he biggest thing is their commitment to George Michael being straight.

M: I want that house

A: Right! And a love triangle(?) with Andrew Ridgley.

M: Spoiler alert!


A: And it's Christmas

A: And maybe a birthday too

M: This looks like a good time.

A: Like, I really think Wham! just wanted a ski vacation and made a video out of it.

M: I think a key party is about to break out. A lot of sexy eyes.

A: Ha! George Michael all dreamy in a very hetero fur hood.

M: I appreciate how normal and derpy everyone is.

A: The 80s were a magical time.

M: Random close up on the diamanté brooch.

M: Whoa what happened to the party? Are they all on heroin?


M: Wait is GM wearing uggs in the snow.

A: Yes

A: And running to him

M: He’s just scared he’s going to run into a vagina.

A: Vaginas are scary, girl. They break your heart.

M: Why are they climbing over a fence to leave? Did they break in?

A: They all "hiked" in at the beginning.

M: But there’s no gate?


M: Not one person actually went skiing.

A: Nope

M: Merry Christmas and thank you

A: It's my favorite

After spending, like, ten years making GIFs for this entry I found out that the Fug girls also have a deep and abiding love for this video! We are in good company. 


  1. I like how everyone brought their ratty ass gym bags as luggage on the super exclusive (probably very expensive) "ski" trip.

  2. My friends and I send this to each other every year. My fav part is George whispering "Merry Christmas". It's kind of creepy and I enjoy whispering it to my husband every year.

  3. Ugh I love this so much. I've been a fan of this video and song for so long, thank you for this post :D

  4. I love it and thanks so much for the gfs as I didn't habe time to watch the video right now. I just wish George was still with us.

  5. I'm so glad y'all enjoyed this! It was fun to make.

  6. This was amazing. As my sister said: this is what the internet is for!

    So good.

  7. Apparently, they’ve had to leave in a hurry, because one of them is climbing over the fence in a bathrobe.


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