Monday, December 18, 2017

We Discuss Tounching and Sequins.


A: That's so fun!

M: I don’t think it’s the most flattering thing ever.

M: But sequins.

M: My kids are obsessed.

A: Where's it from?

M: Um

M: JCPenney

A: Hahaaaa

M: Tracee Ellis Ross line:

A: Oh! So nice.

M: It’s great on that moddle.

A: I want it to be shorter but I think it's really fun.

M: I think on me shorter would be better. But I was getting it for a party this weekend and won’t have time to have it taken up so should prob return.

A: Booo

M: I bought it in the next size up which maybe fit better on the bottom but not the top and it was even longer.

M: Plus my legs and arms that contacted the sequins are already stinging.

M: Very...exfoliating

A: Yeah, it looks itchy.

M: Part of me is like it’s a $50 sequined dress and you should hang onto it but part of me is broke.

A: Even for $50 you should love it and feel happy in it.

A: I love the idea of it.

M: I do think it would be better shorter:

A: You know what? I think it's really cute on you.

M: Yes, but heels would help.

A: Try it on with heels.

M: I did. It helped but it’s still long.

A: Hmm

M: Maybe I run it by my seamstress and see if she can shorten it by Saturday.

A: Midi is hard.

M: If she can’t I let it go.

A: But, I really think it's kinda fabulous.

M: Normally I’m all about a midi but this one is a lot.

My dress is already done! And whoops that hem cost $40. Sequins man.

A: Whoops

A: But yay

M: Well all told it’s a good party dress for under $100 that I can pull out every year.

A: Definitely.

A: Oh, it’s great!

M: It’s very fun

A: Super fun party dress

M: The only problem is people will want to tounch it:

A: No tounching!

M: Irresistible

M: It’s like 13% back Ebates too.

A: Oh, nice! I have finally brought you around.

M: Ha when I remember. Problem is I shop a lot on my phone.

A: What a time to be alive.


  1. The ebates app isn't perfect but it does an OK job for phone shopping!

  2. Come to Sweden. Nothing ever comes even to your fecking knees. *bitter* Love the sequins - bought my son who is ten a pillowcase with sequins for Christmas, he's talked about it for ages haha - kids do love them!