Wednesday, December 27, 2017

We Discuss: Makeup Things.

M: I wore mascara yesterday that just would not come off. No matter what I tried.

A: What was it?

M: Something I bought a while back because of Kim France. It’s Japanese. I think it’s permanent

A: Oh yeah, I have that stuff. I wear it when I know I’m going to work out later. It doesn’t ever come off so you just have to wait for your lashes to fall out

M: 😬😬😬

A:  It’s pretty close to being dried out so I might go back to my old standby Fairydrops stuff

A: Oh! And I get a Dior mascara in my Dec Allure box, which should be quite a good box.

M: That’s exciting! I need to just buy another Tarteist. Mine is dried out and sad

A: My everyday is Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara and it’s fine

A: But not magic

M: Tarteist is pretty perfect for me. My friend Elizabeth says the terribly named Lancôme Monsieur Big is her new holy grail

A: Ew. Why is that name

M: So bad

A: This is the box. I am excited about more than half of it, which is unusual.

A: PEE ESS The eye liner I got in my Sephora sample bag is legit magic.

M: Oh yay!

M: I can’t remember the last time I wore eyeliner 😬

M: But what is it

A: It’s Lancome and it’s purple and it stallllll day on my oily ass lids.

A: I have to wear eyeliner or I look like a mole woman

M: Untrue!

A: Anyway, it’s pretty. The end.


  1. I just received a deluxe sample of Monsieur Big. It's fantastic. Also, The Ordinary's Retinoid serum is so good and it's $9.80.


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