Tuesday, December 26, 2017

We Discuss: Misery Crop.


M: Misery crop indeed.

A: What the actual fuck

M: Sold out, sorry

A: But seriously, if cold stomach jackets becomes a thing I quit

M: I think at that point I officially embrace old age

M: Eileen Fisher would never do that to us

A: She's a good egg who understands our needs

M: How about a down blanket that goes to your ankles. Yes?

A: Yes! Sign me up.

A: Cinch it in the middle for some vague lady shape and I'm good to go.

M: You basically just described my new coat

A: Which is nearly sold out, btw

M: Duh

M: Also pretty sure Ashley Williams is a plus sized model? Why is she so mean?

A: She hates fun

M: She’s probably actually Ted Cruz

A: He seems like the kind of guy who'd green-light that jacket

M: 1000%


  1. This is so unacceptable. SO unacceptable. I reject its existence.

    1. IT IS SOLD OUT. Which means people actually purchased it.


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