Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Adrien: Alive and Shiny AF.

Hi hi hi! I alive and well and back in the world of real clothes. I love my Gap joggers (a lot) but it's also nice to wear fun outfits again and I took pictures of one that I wore very briefly to a party before I had to immediately go back home because a virus got me. Anyway:

Snake print! Coated denim! Shiny boots! I am so into this. The blouse is Rebecca Taylor and I bought it quite a few years ago. I don't wear it very often but it's very ME, right? I do love a good snake print blouse and this one by Rebecca Taylor is beautiful and I also love this one by Equipment. HOWEVER, since we ain't really rich around here I think this T Tahari with velvet trim is well-priced and there are all kinds of cool/weird options on the Realreal. There's also this one at Target but it's too ruffly for me.

 I'm wearing the snakey blouse with my super favorite Madewell skinny coated jeans, Part Two. See, my old pair were getting tight to the point of not buttoning and rather than feel bad about it and beat myself up for my winter fluff, I just did this: I went to Poshmark* and found a pair in the next size up and BOOM. My favorite jeans fit again. I suggest you try this amazing diet method. It works great.

I tucked the shirt in (which I never do) and I like this outfit so much better. Why do I never tuck my damn shirts in? Anyway, I am a big fan of Madewell denim and I love their coated jeans a lot but I feel like you might need options. I mean, hi, Old Navy has a pair of coated jeans! (Mostly sold out, but go to the store. You need to try them on first anyway.) Gap also has a pair with cute snap details and, hey, Target has a pair of black coated jeggings! YAS. In case you're like, why do I need these? It's because they have the fun rocker look of leather without all the hassle and expense. Just trust me. Details: 

Snaaaaake. So pretty. I'm wearing my blingy Alexis Bittar cocktail ring from the Box of Style a few years ago but wish I had this one with the snake because, theme. I'm also wearing my little labradorite necklace which I can't get enough of. 

Oh, check this out! My Christmas present to myself via eBay. It's a Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio satchel and it's huge and slouchy and I've carried it every day since it arrived. This one on eBay has no bids yet if you're looking! My boots are by Steven and they're still available for a song on 6pm. (The color is called silver but they're definitely gold.) 

Finally, I threw my awesome Halston Heritage tuxedo jacket over the whole thing because it's just the best. If you're looking for something similar, check out the Tracee Ellis Ross option! Cute. 


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